Monday, December 15, 2014

I Love Being A Missionary!

December 1st, 2014

Ok, seriously this week went by sooo fast. Anyways, i have like no time, but hey, it’s all good! Loved Madison’s letter!!! She’s finishing training!!! Jajaja that is so great. She is sooo funny. I showed her picture to Hermana Huber, one of the other hermanas who lives with us, and she freaked out jaja. Love my twin, love my fam bam. muah muah.

So this week was cool. Literally did not do anything special for Thanksgiving jajaja. I read that talk by President Uchtorf from the April conference! Mom, that was fun that you sent that to me this week! Coincidence jaja. The highlight of my week was Sunday night. Hermana Gomez, myself, Hermana Huber and Hermana Alcantara (aka our best friends who live with us and share the ward) had a Capill Abierta: Venid y Ved. It’s like an open house at a church building. We did it with a ward that lives in the next stake over (I think). It’s like a free tour of the capilla and the hermanas teach the very very basics of what we believe. So fun! There were big poster type things on tables in the cultural hall with information like the mission of Jesus, the Restoration, Temples, the Book of Mormon, etc. I was nervous because it was my first one, but it went well! Elders came too and helped. The tour starts in the chapel with a life size Christus (spelling??) and we welcome the people and then listen to a recording of Jesus Christ quoting scriptures and it’s really spiritual and lovely! Then we take the people to the cultural hall and lead them to table to table teaching our basic beliefs. Then we take them to the baptismal fount where there are two elders dressed in baptism clothes who talk about baptism. It was fun! When we were not giving tours we were on the streets inviting people to come and see. lolz, good times. 

It rained one day this week which was random!!!! We were walking around like little lost sheep jajaja. Not really! We actually found a new investigator! Her name is Carmen. She believes in God, but has no definite religion. We shared with her the restoration, and we are going back on Wednesday. We’ll see how it goes. 

One hard thing that happened this week.... I tried contacting this one elderly looking man and he totally started to contend with us!!!!! It was lame.... I had already cried a little that morning and so it was just bad. He was trying to tell us that if extra terrestrial beings came to the earth they would think our god was the economy...for the record I did not understand that part! Hermana gomez told me most of what he said afterwards, but she said I did well with him. 

I love being a missionary. Love it, love it, love it. It is hard sometimes. It really is. But life is so good here. Jesus is our Savior. REALLY. He loves us!!! Have a great week. Love you all. xoxo

Love, Hermana Mittleman

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