Monday, December 15, 2014

It Was Like The Indiana Jones Ride At Disneyland - NO JOKE!

December 8th, 2014
Hello family! Feliz Navidad! Thanks for your emails!!! Thanks for sending Madison’s email too jaja. I love her so much, and her pictures are presh. Still not sure about the whole Christmas skype things...but guess what??? CHRISTMAS IS P DAY!!!!!! We had a zone class this past week, and we got the calendar for Diciembre, and on the 25th it says P Day. Que genial!!! We are so excited. We don’t really know what we will do, but t’will be a lovely time. 

So this week passed by so fast! Wow! Yesterday while we were walking to the casa de un converso reciente, a woman who was sitting in her doorway (well, the doorway of her fence, everyone here has a fence around their house) called us over. She smelled like alcohol, and told us she wanted us to help her. Her name is Laura. She invited us into her house, and we told her about her worth in the sight of God. It all happened so fast jaja. She has various images of Jesus in her room, and she likes to kiss them. She told us she is an alcoholic, and wants to stop drinking. We are going back tomorrow to teach her. Hopefully she remembers us jaja! But really, God loves everyone, and we will do our best to help her realize her potential to become like Heavenly Father. 

We had an activity in la feria on Saturday. La feria is like an outdoor market where people sell EVERYTHING. They put out blankets and sheets and place used shoes, batteries, clothes, dolls, games, ANYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF, YOU CAN FIND IT EN LA FERIA. It was a zone activity, so all the missionaries in our zone, aka in our stake, were there. The elders had a place in la feria with a table full of cards, pamphlets, copies of the Book of Mormon, etc. And then the hermanas had a table farther down too. We went contacting through the feria too. I got sooooooo burned! It was foggy and cold in the morning, and there was even water on the cars! But later the sun came out, and it was awful jajaja. 

This week we went to the apartment of the twins, Katherine y Barbara. But they were at a birthday party for a friend!!!! Bummer! But we talked with their mom, Militza. Militza is great. She was baptized muchos anos ago, and in August came back for the first time in years. We talked with her, and learned more about her past with the church. It was fun.

Funny thing that happened this week: on Saturday after our almuerzo we went to a little bakery and bought bread, ham, and cheese to take to Ana Maria y Marquitos. Marquitos is a converso reciente who is blind and has the mental capacity of a jovencito. We visit them every week and teach them. They are amazing. Anyways, so we had gone straight to our lunch after the feria so we were tired and sunburned (well I was sunburned, not hna gomez jaja), and so after lunch our tummies were full and we were tired. But we bought the stuff then walked to the house of Ana Maria and Marquitos. We were hot and tired, and when we got there Ana Maria wasn’t home!!!!! So we couldn’t enter!!! We had a little cart thing full of our bags and all the books and pamphlets so we just decided to go home to drop it off and then study. We also had a bag of cherries and strawberries a member gave us because we went to help her in la feria near her house after the activity with our zone. We always help her buy fruit for the week. So with all of this in our cart, we board a bus. And this bus is CRAZY. It’s a smaller bus, and it’s packed. It was like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland - NO JOKE. The driver was crazy and the ride was bumpy, and I decided to take the strawberries out of the cart because we didn’t want them to get smashed. But after a few second I realize the bag is LEAKING all over the cart and all over the floor. It was awful jajaja. Hermana Gomez and I were just laughing. Gooooood times.

Yesterday there was a baby blessing during sacrament meeting. It was tan tierna!!!! The father who gave the blessing said something that really struck me. Addressing his little boy, he said that the Lord would bless him according to his diligence and obedience. It was so simple, and a principle I was already well famiilar with, but it just really struck me. How true it is!!!! We need to work hard every day, missionary, or no, to be worthy of the Lord’s blessings. Only through diligence and obedience can we truly enjoy the blessings our Heavenly Father and Jesus have for us. I was tearing up during the Sacrament because I could just FEEL close to my Savior. I know Christ lives, and I am sure of His atoning sacrifice. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can receive the strength we need to overcome temptation, and strengthen our weaknesses. 

So excited it’s close to la Navidad. People here make pan de pascua, or Christmas bread. It’s good. It has little pieces of fruit and nuts in it. 

It’s getting so hot here jajaja. Love it. Love Chile. Love you all! 

Hermana Mittleman

I Love Being A Missionary!

December 1st, 2014

Ok, seriously this week went by sooo fast. Anyways, i have like no time, but hey, it’s all good! Loved Madison’s letter!!! She’s finishing training!!! Jajaja that is so great. She is sooo funny. I showed her picture to Hermana Huber, one of the other hermanas who lives with us, and she freaked out jaja. Love my twin, love my fam bam. muah muah.

So this week was cool. Literally did not do anything special for Thanksgiving jajaja. I read that talk by President Uchtorf from the April conference! Mom, that was fun that you sent that to me this week! Coincidence jaja. The highlight of my week was Sunday night. Hermana Gomez, myself, Hermana Huber and Hermana Alcantara (aka our best friends who live with us and share the ward) had a Capill Abierta: Venid y Ved. It’s like an open house at a church building. We did it with a ward that lives in the next stake over (I think). It’s like a free tour of the capilla and the hermanas teach the very very basics of what we believe. So fun! There were big poster type things on tables in the cultural hall with information like the mission of Jesus, the Restoration, Temples, the Book of Mormon, etc. I was nervous because it was my first one, but it went well! Elders came too and helped. The tour starts in the chapel with a life size Christus (spelling??) and we welcome the people and then listen to a recording of Jesus Christ quoting scriptures and it’s really spiritual and lovely! Then we take the people to the cultural hall and lead them to table to table teaching our basic beliefs. Then we take them to the baptismal fount where there are two elders dressed in baptism clothes who talk about baptism. It was fun! When we were not giving tours we were on the streets inviting people to come and see. lolz, good times. 

It rained one day this week which was random!!!! We were walking around like little lost sheep jajaja. Not really! We actually found a new investigator! Her name is Carmen. She believes in God, but has no definite religion. We shared with her the restoration, and we are going back on Wednesday. We’ll see how it goes. 

One hard thing that happened this week.... I tried contacting this one elderly looking man and he totally started to contend with us!!!!! It was lame.... I had already cried a little that morning and so it was just bad. He was trying to tell us that if extra terrestrial beings came to the earth they would think our god was the economy...for the record I did not understand that part! Hermana gomez told me most of what he said afterwards, but she said I did well with him. 

I love being a missionary. Love it, love it, love it. It is hard sometimes. It really is. But life is so good here. Jesus is our Savior. REALLY. He loves us!!! Have a great week. Love you all. xoxo

Love, Hermana Mittleman

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We Cannot Waste Time Because Satan Is Not Wasting Time" AHHHHH SO TRUE!!

November 24, 2014
Hello family! I love you guys so much! Thanks for your support. Another week gone! Seriously the time FLIES by..... It is a little alarming haha! This coming week is the last week in November.... WHAT??!!! Since when!! We went to Jumbo today, it’s kind of like Walmart, and already there are Christmas decorations and Christmas candy. So crazy. I love this time of year. Although it is spring, getting ready for summer, this week was a little cooler and not as hot as the previous. That was a nice break. 

So yes, the life of me! Well, the first week of a new cambio...mas o menos! This next week Hermana Gomez and I have committed ourselves to being more diligent!! We are on the Lord’s errand, the Lord’s time! ... But personally it was a great week!!! I had some wonderful personal spiritual experiences. The reality of Jesus Christ and His Atonement just keeps hitting my heart harder and harder. I love Jesus Christ so much! I have truly felt so close to Him and my Heavenly Father this week. So grateful for prayer!!! Prayer is legit. 

We had stake conference this weekend! That was fun! Saturday night we went and one of the members of the stake presidency gave a great talk on missionary work. Something he said really stood out to me: "We cannot waste time because Satan is not wasting time" AHHHHH SO TRUE!! Every day we have to strengthen our own faith, and the faith of those around us!! We have to spread the Gospel and tell people the wonderful message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!! Ah, it was so great. Sunday morning, President and Sister Wright came to the conference and they got to speak. I love them so much!!!! They are seriously amazing. So blessed to have them here. 

Thanksgiving will be a regular day! Work, work, work!! T´will be good. Language is coming along. It is easier to share my testimony now. It easily flows. So thankful. Hermana Gomez is well. She’s awesome. Her birthday is in about three weeks! She will be 29! But she seriously looks 19! I love her! 

We have a new investigator named Alicia. She is 74. She talks a lot, and it is hard to teach her because when we start, she randomly starts talking about a sad noticia she saw on the television. She has depression, so she starts crying suddenly. It’s so sad! She is so sweet, and we taught her about the Resurrection this week. We read with her some verses in Alma 40-GREAT CHAPTER: We are not too sure how much she can progress, but after leaving her house I thought of Alma teaching the people in Mosiah chapter 18:

9 Yea, and are willing to mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort, and to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that ye may be in, even until death, that ye may be redeemed of God, and be numbered with those of the first resurrection, that ye may have eternal life—

As a representative and disciple of Jesus Christ, I do the things He would do. I feel myself closer to my Savior. So happy to be here in Chile. Hardest part of the week happened yesterday when a drunk guy approached us and started talking to us. To put it nicely, he did not smell good. Hermana Gomez tried to talk to him and get some information, but he just kept going on and on occasionally would touch our arms and it was so CREEPY. But the whole time I just kept telling myself that this guy is a child of God. Perhaps he has made some bad choices, but that gave me no right to judge him.

We met with Constanza last night and talked to her about our life here on the earth, and the Atonement. Her faith is progressing. She still continues to work on Sunday, but every week she tells us how she never has good business on Sunday. So last night she told us she is thinking of not working on Sunday. We were just thinking of course you should stop working on Sundays!! jajaja. But Constanza is receptive, albeit she nods off a few times during the lessons. We had ice cream with her, and it was a good time. 

I love my Heavenly Father too much for words. He has given me so much. I know He lives. So thankful for His infinite love. Jesus is our Savior. We need to dedicate our lives to serving Him. We can follow His example and not only do good things, but BECOME BETTER PEOPLE. Have a lovely week!!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman

It’s So Legit Being A Missionary. I Love It!!

November 17, 2014

Hello! My first two cambios in the mission are done! My training is over! It’s crazy. I don’t think three months have ever gone by so fast in my life. I miss you guys, but I love being a missionary. It’s the best! 

Hermana Gomez and I are staying together for another cambio!!! And Hermana Alcantara and Hermana Huber are staying too!! The weekend was a little stressful because we didn’t want President Wright to call haha. Every time the phone rang, we all freaked out!

This week we met with a woman named Christina. We contacted her on the street last week, and she gave us her address and we set a date during this week to return. Thankfully she was actually home when we stopped by. We asked her some questions about her religious background, and she told us she doesn’t really have a specific religion, but she believes in God and Jesus Christ. She said sometimes she feels confused in the world, because she wants to know if she is on the "right path". Hermana Gomez and I were excited to hear this haha. We told her that the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ tells us exactly what we need to do in order to feel true happiness in this life. We testified to her the love of Heavenly Father. We started talking about Joseph Smith, and how he restored the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ, and then she asked us about the context of Joseph Smith. It was so great. So we read Santiago 1:5-6 with her. When I reached over to give her my bible, she said, "oh, I can just come sit next to you!". So she came and sat in between Hermana Gomez and I. Hahaha, the three of us nice and cozy on her couch. When she read verse 6, she told us she said "this is exactly how I feel!" We were SO excited jajaja. Not to hear this, but to hear she felt like Joseph Smith. So I got to tell her about the First Vision. Speaking Joseph Smith’s own  words to her was powerful. She was right next to me, so I was just looking her in the eyes, praying she would feel the Spirit. Christina is very receptive, and we gave her a Book of Mormon so she could start reading and praying about it. The only thing is that she works a lot, so we won’t see her for another week or two. But Christina is amazing!  Such a blessing to find someone who is prepared.  In the next lesson, we will definitely invite her to be baptized.

We also met with the twins this week. We finished lessons one with them, and talked about Joseph Smith. We invited them to be baptized, and they said yes! They are going to pray for a date. Still hard to teach as they are easily distracted haha. But they are great! 

It keeps getting hotter! Summer doesn’t start until December, but already I am lathering on the sunscreen every day. One day this week we were walking home, and my feet were SOOOO tired. We had been walking all day under the sun, and had not been able to sit down for a few hours. I was feeling a little discouraged, but then I thought about Jesus, and His apostles. That gave me strength. Knowing I was following their example gave me the enthusiasm to keep pressing forward. It’s so legit being a missionary. I love it!! The good and the bad! 
Hermana Alcantara and I made brownies to celebrate our three months in Chile! But then she got she didn’t eat any jaja. Love you all! Hope you have a great week!! 

Hermana Mittleman

How Many Times In Your Life Can You Say Good Morning, Elder Nelson, Right??!!!

November 10. 2014
Mi querida familia!! I love you guys!! So yes, this morning (Monday) Elder Nelson and his wife came to our capilla to speak to our mission and the Santiago Norte mission. IT WAS AMAZING. 

So, we woke up at 6. Got ready. The mission office sent out an email last week that said we couldn’t arrive at the capilla before 7. Since the capilla is literally down the street from us, we left around 6:50. Hermana Huber and Hermana Alcantara, the hermanas who live with us, had left about five minutes before us. So they saved us seats. We were on the left side, right after the soft benches. Not too bad. There were almost 500 missionaries in the capilla!! Can you imagine!! Everyone was all excited and talking and reading the scriptures. We knew Elder Nelson was arriving closer to 9, so we were just filled with joyful anticipation. It was fun seeing friends and hugging and kissing everyone (well, the hermanas, haha). Presidente and Hermana Wright came, and President Wright started going around shaking hands with the missionaries who were in his mission. Love him! Right before nine, someone went to the pulpit and told everyone to calm down because Elder Nelson was llegando. And then all of a sudden people started standing up, and I was thinking, this is it! Everyone stood up, and the elder who was playing the piano stopped, so it was just SILENCE. And then, standing on the tips of our toes, we see Elder Russell M. Nelson, Apostle of the Lord, Jesus Christ, walk into the chapel. QUE GENIAL. Oh, it was so legit. He and His wife walked up onto the stand, and they turned around and just looked out at us for a few seconds. Then Elder Nelson said, "oh my goodness!".  TOO PRESH I DIED. Elder Viñas, from the Seventy, and his wife also came. They both spoke to us, and then Wendy Nelson, then Elder Nelson. Sister Nelson’s talk was legit. They both had translators who did a fantastic job.

Sister Nelson spoke about our premortal life. She presented us with a curious situation. What if we could all own a little dvd of our premortal existence? What if we could just watch five or ten minutes from our pre-earth life? Perhaps, we could watch the last ten minutes, and listen to people tell us, "don’t forget to do this", or "remember this!". Or perhaps we could see who we stood by! Meaning Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Sister Nelson said we made covenants with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ before coming to the earth. We promised to do specific things. She told us if we could only see the person we were before this life, the person who we have been for EONS of time, all problems and trials in this life would FADE AWAY. She was amazing. She suggested perhaps all of our spirits had a little "to do list!" attached to us as we left for earth. The goal in this life is to find out what is on that list!!!! Because if we are not doing the things on that list, if we are not doing what we promised Heavenly Father and Jesus, THEN WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH OUR LIVES.  We are ETERNAL beings!!!! We can pray and ponder about what we should be doing!! Turn your back on mundane things of the world. Remember who we are. REMEMBER WHO WE WERE WITH BEFORE THIS LIFE. Remember who we are going HOME to after this life!!! 

Oh my goodness, it was amazing. She was so great. Before it all started, ALL OF THE MISSIONARIES got to shake the hands of Elder Nelson, Sister Nelson, Elder Viñas, and Sister Vinas. Shaking Elder Nelson’s hand was genial!!! I was so nervous, but it was great. I just smiled and said "good morning, Elder Nelson". Because how many times in your life can you say good morning, Elder Nelson, right??!!! Then hugging Wendy Nelson was too presh. She asked me if I was having a good time haha. I was like, uhh, yes!!! Caught me off guard.

Elder Nelson spoke to us, and he used the Guide to Studying the Scriptures, which is something in the back of the Spanish Triple. He briefly went over ten principles, and invited us to study them. What an honour it was to be in his presence. I will never forget how I felt as he bore his testimony of Jesus Christ. 

ALSO went to the Santiago temple on Friday!!! Rocio, a ward missionary in our ward, was receiving her endowment. So we went with her! So sweet. The temples are sooo sacred. How special they are. 
Well, fam bam. Not too much time left. Love you guys!!! 

Hermana Mittleman

People Came Up To Me and Told Me My Spanish Is Better Than I Let On.

November 3, 2014

Happy November! Ahhhh! Can’t believe it! It’s weird hearing how it is getting colder in California...It’s Spring time here! And then on to el verano!!! This week went well!! Elder Nelson comes to our mission in ONE WEEK. Going crazy! How exciting!! 

So this week we met with Katherine and Barbara (the twinz!). They are progressing, albeit a little slow haha. They are nine, so it’s hard for them to stay focused. We had lunch with them and Militza, their mom, on Halloween. We took some fun pictures heeeheee. 

The Twins
We met with Constanza, one of our viejita investigators, last night. She is still trying to find the faith to come to church on Sundays and leave her newspaper stand thing...we are praying for her! But last night we taught her the Restoration. I taught about Joseph Smith and the First Vision. As I was quoting Joseph’s words to her (en espanol, legit, right??) I felt peace in my heart. I know for myself that Joseph Smith was called by God to restore the church of Jesus Christ once again on the earth. Que genial!! We invited Constanza to get baptized, otra vez. She told us she will pray about it. 

We usually eat with members every day. Lunch is the big meal here. We usually eat lunch around 1-3. Then we usually don’t eat anything in the evening, toast, or a snack maybe. At first it was hard, but I am used to it now! Every morning I do crunches and workout. Feeling good!

We have two week left in this cambio. There are three Hermanas in our zone who will go home!! So sad! But time passes, and they have served faithfully. Life goes on! 

One cool thing happened this week on Wednesday. Our only ward missionary, Rocio, was out with us for the tarde. She leaves in January to serve a mission in Argentina. We were teaching a mother and a daughter we met a couple weeks ago. They are very free spirited and were asking us if we believed in reincarnation. Politely, I told them that we do not, but we believe our spirits and our identities are eternal. We talked about how the Gospel blesses families, and towards the end of the lesson I felt like we needed to invite them to be baptized. So I asked them if they would get baptized if they received a confirmation telling them that what we taught was true. They didn’t say yes, but they didn’t say no!! It was good. I am starting to realize it’s not hard to invite people to be baptized. You never know how they will respond. Sure, it can be scary, but as missionaries and as disciples of Christ, it is our charge to boldly testify of Him, and of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

So yes, Halloween!!!! The night of Halloween Hermana Gomez and I accompanied a nonmember who lives two floors above us, to the stake Halloween fiesta at our capilla down the street. We only stayed for about an hour. Hna Gomez and I switched name tags, and I wore her glasses. It was fun! There was loud music and that was weird haha. TURNS OUT missionaries did not have permission to go though!! OOOOPSS.... No one told us haha! So yeah..... We definitely repented....

Yesterday in church I bore my testimony during sacrament meeting. Good times.

People came up to me and told me my Spanish is better than I let on. Lolz. Hermana Gomez tells me my Spanish is waaay better now than when I first entered the field. I have seen Heavenly Father’s hand helping me with the language. So humbled to be here in Chile. Really can’t believe it’s Noviembre. 

Today we went to a colegio and helped participate in a presentation about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There were about 17 kids. We helped Alma, a kind of step daughter of one of our ancient investigators. Good times. 

The Colegio! Haha, middle schoolers....
YES I GOT YOUR PACKAGE AND ALSO YOUR LETTERS DAD. Thank you so much Mamasita! And Papa! Love you guys!! Opened the package...but then saw the wrapping and put it up on a shelf haha. You guys are the best. Hope all is well back home. I love you! Tell the boys I say hi. Miss y’all. XOXO.  So happy to be here. I know God is involved in the details of our lives. He loves us, and He wants us to return home to him with honor. We don’t need to worry if we are putting Him first! I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Love, Hermana Mittleman

Monday, October 27, 2014


October 27, 2014
Hello my wonderful family! I hope you are all well. Yesterday I celebrated TWO MONTHS IN THE MISSION FIELD. It’s crazy how the time flies. Seriously. Also, it’s crazy how many different emotions you can feel in one week as a missionary. So many ups and downs.  Good times. So Madison’s trainer leaves tomorrow? Crazy!!! Hermana Gomez and I are guessing we will be together until March when she leaves for her home, that great county Argentina. 

Today we went to a place called Quebrada de Macul. We took a metro train and then a mecro bus and then walked to this trail. I do not have the cord to my camera, but I will be sure to send a bunch of pictures next week. Anyway, so we basically were in the mountains and it was sooo beautiful!! Behind us you could seee allllll of Santiago. It was great to be in nature and relax for a bit. We were walking through a river thing.  Lots of rocks and a thin steady stream of water running through it. It was soo fun! We went with Hermana Huber and Hermana Alcantara (the Hermanas that live with us who we share our ward with) and Hermana Orton and Herman Millett. Hermana Orton and Hermana Millett are our Sister Training Leaders (LEGIT I KNOW), and they brought a girl from their ward named Carla. It was fun to have a girl’s day out! We got our feet wet and had some good times. Fotos next week!

This week was better than the previous one! Hermana Gomez and I worked hard, yo! Often it hits me during the week what a great blessing it is to be a missionary. My personal testimony of Jesus Christ is strengthening every day. Even when people are unreceptive, it is becoming easier to remember the goodness of God. This week Hermana Millett came to our sector and I got to lead her around for 24 hours. (SCARY RIGHT JUNIOR COMP LEADING THE AREA WOW THERE). Hermana Gomez went to their sector. But we were able to visit a meno activa and also Militza and her twin daughters, Katherine and Barbara. They are progressing! We are planning to invite them to be baptized soon. They are easily distracted during the lessons haha. T’was a good time with Hna Millett. Of course when Hermana Gomez is gone a bunch of people were calling us, and I took control of the phone. It went well though! I got to talk to our district leader, one of our zone leaders, and then a guy called to come fix our dryer (we have had a serious dryer problem for about a month now, we just hang stuff up in our sleeping room and turn the heater fan on, not fun lolzz). But, I was proud of myself because I was able to talk in Spanish on the phone!!! It’s the little things in life.....

Halloween is this week whaduppppp! Ahh, I miss Trunk or Treat. It’s weird, here Halloween is becoming more and more popular. Today we went to the Chilean Walmart (se llama Lider) and they were selling costumes and candy and decorations!! What??? I felt like I was at Target or something...... but yeah. There is a stake Halloween party on Friday. It starts at 8:30, so we might go if we can take someone. 

Anyway, I love being a missionary. It’s legit. Missionary work is so important. It is so important to do the little things like reading the scriptures and praying and going to church. We need to let our faith show! Like what Elder Nelson spoke about last conference. 

Last night we met with Constanza, one of our investigators. We taught her about the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy.... she is hesitant because her financial situation is rough....but we are encouraging her!! 

It’s legit thinking I have like 16 more months where I get to live in Chile and wear the name of Jesus Christ every day. I testify of Jesus´ infinite love for us. He sees us as the person we can become. By repenting daily, and acting on our faith, we can become better and better every day. Never lose hope in God’s love. He knows us so personally. He loves us personally. 

Love you fam bam!! muah muah!! 

Love, Hermana Mittleman

The Gospel of Jesus Christ Is Just Phenomenal!

October 20, 2014
Hello! Yes, I miss Albertaco’s more and more haha. Glad that lady noticed we weren’t coming in.... someone cares! Heeeheeee. 
(Mom note- when Dave and I went for lunch at Albertaco’s, the young lady who always takes our order asked us where the girls have been?  Perfect missionary moment!)
This last week was just.... hard. Haha, probs won’t get into details. We are considering this week the "it can’t get any worse than this, so next week just has to be better" week. We barely had any lessons. So sad and frustrating!  But, enough with the Debbie Downer mood (totally miss watching that SNL skit). I will focus on the highlights of the week.

We had interviews with President Wright! Hermana Gomez and I traveled to the mission office on Friday for our interviews. It was SOOOO great. I just LOVE President Wright. I was able to talk to him about my struggles, and he gave me some great advice. We read some scriptures in Mosiah 5 together. Verses 2-5. We talked about how being sanctified by the Holy Ghost is a process. He challenged me to take line by line, and apply the phrases to my own life. That really helped. I now see that I am a changed person from a year ago. I think my heart is softer, and my desire to be obedient is stronger. I love, love, love Jesus Christ with all my heart. Seriously, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is just phenomenal. Where else can you find such uplifting and LEGIT answers to the questions of life? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the church of Christ. He stands at the head! There is no doubt in my mind. So yeah, President Wright is amazing, and so is his wife! I will be so sad when they leave next July. *tear*

We had a combined district class this week, and Hermana Gomez and I were the only hermanas in the class, and one of the Elders chose the song "As Sisters In Zion" as the opening hymn haha.... boys. Good times. 

We get 100000 pesos every month. I would say it’s about 100 American dollars.... maybe. Haha. Hermana Gomez and I spend a lot of it on baking stuff like sugar and flour and such. Hermana Gomez, from Argentina, loves to bake. She has learned how to make things like cake and brownies from gringas here in Chile, and she just loves it! She let me use her recipe for handmade brownies this week, and we were able to take them to some people. Fun! Fun! 

We got to do some service with la Familia Ortiz Cortes on Saturday! They are my favorite family evaaa. They are members, and they have probably one of the nicest houses in our ward (no, that is not why I love them so much heeheee). They are so sweet. We helped them sort through some of their old stuff. And of course, they bought us Papa John´s.... no complaining lolzzz. Also, Hermana Daniela (the mom of the fam) gave Hermana Gomez and I CTR rings and they are superrrrr presh!!!!!!!!! She is sooooooooo sweet.

I think I will be in this sector for a good amount of time. President likes to keep people in their sectors for a long time. Usually like 6-9 months. I know one Hermana who was in her previous sector for one year! Most missionaries go home having served in two or three sectors. But of course, there are others who rotate more. We’ll see!! So yeah, I think I will be with Hermana Gomez until March...when she goes home! But we don’t think about that!! 

Can’t believe Madison’s companion is going home in a week! I love reading Madison’s emails. She is so sweet and funny. I miss her and pray for her often. 

So yes, this week was just more people falling through on appointments. Discouraging! But we press forward! My testimony is strengthening every day. Love you all!! I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves us unconditionally. They don’t expect us to be perfect, but they want us to do our best! 

Love, Hermana Mittleman

Smile, Smile, and Keep Smiling!

October 13, 2014
HEY GUESS WHAT ELDER RUSSELL M. NELSON IS COMING TO OUR MISSION. Yes!! I read Elder Connor Christopherson´s email and was excited to hear he is going there too. We knew Elder Nelson was coming somewhere where we would be able to go, but we did not know if he was coming to our mission, or one of the other Santiago missions. But he is coming to the Chile Santiago East mission, and the Santiago mission is coming too. AND GUESS WHAT. He will be coming to our capilla!! Which is literally on our street! It’s like five minutes away from our apartment! We are so excited!!! T´will be a great time. He is coming the tenth of November, the last Monday of this transfer. Whassup Santiago wasssuppp??!!! 

 Last P Day we went to the Santiago temple to study in the grounds. It is so gorgeous. I love it. It’s only about thirty minutes away from our apartment. SO BLESSED. On Wednesday, we went to a little birthday party for a recent convert that lives in the other Hermana’s sector. We took a recent convert from our sector, Marquitos, and his sister, Ana Maria, and Ana Maria’s son Felipe. It was sooooo fun. Hermana Huber and Hermana Alcantara made cake and everyone sat down and talked and laughed. It was so sweet. The birthday lady, Maria, was turning 71. She’s so presh. I don’t think I have laughed so much in a while. It was nice. 

This week was a little hard. Some of our citas fell through (boooo). The people here are not very receptive. Good times when we are walking down the street and someone coming towards us crosses the street.... it happens so much  hahaha. 

Well I do not have a lot of time, but I would like to share the highlight of my week. Yesterday, Domingo, was fast and testimony meeting. It was one of the best meetings ever!  Mainly because I am starting to realize the importance of the Sacrament.  It is such a blessing we have. Jesus Christ loves us, and He waits for us every Sunday. We can commit to be better. Through His Atonement, we can better ourselves. But, a lady in the ward, Marta, came! Marta is technically a menos activa because she does not come to church. But it is only because her mother has dementia, and she can’t leave her home alone! Her faith is strong. She served a mission in Concepion when she was younger. It had been a year and a half since she had come to church. When Hermana Gomez and I walked into the capilla and saw her sitting in a pew, we were so excited!! She was so excited and happy to be there. She makes such a big sacrifice to serve her mother. All of the people who bore their testimonies were amazzzing! I was brought to tears multiple times. The members have such strong faith it’s crazy. So inspiring.

My companion, Hermana Gomez, is crazzy. Like on the outside she is sweet and presh, but she is so funny and goofy. I love her. We always hug after we say our prayers together, and it’s just too presh. I’m so thankful for her!

Good times, good times. I miss Albertaco´s a lot hahaha. But all in good time.  I’m trying to enjoy each day. Praying a lot. Hahaha, read Madison’s email.... SHE IS SO FUNNY AHHH I CAN´T TAKE IT. She is soooo great.

I love being a missionary!  Such good times.  Hard times too, but what can you do? Smile, smile, and keep smiling. God lives. Hope you all have a great week. Kisses and hugs!!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman

Monday, October 6, 2014

I Am So Grateful For a Living Prophet On the Earth!

Well, my first cambio in the mission field is over! I cannot think of a better way to end my first transfer than with General Conference.... It was amazing!!!! I was able to watch it in English (thank goodness!) It was pretty legit! I am so grateful for a living prophet on the earth!  What a blessing it is to hear from him and his Apostles every six months.  My prayers were answered this weekend as I listened. 

Ok...seriously the first six week in the field FLEW BY. SERIOUSLY! It’s crazy how fast the time flies down here. I love it. I love being in Chile. I love getting on the bus and just staring at the people (creepy?) and thinking about how I am living in a different country for the next year and a half. GOOD TIMES. 

So we invited Constanza, one of our investigators, to General Conference. She was not sure if she would be able to come. On Saturday after the second session we were standing outside, and lo and behold, we saw her walking up to the capilla! She was sad she missed it, but we invited her in anyway and gave her a tour of the capilla. She liked it! She was able to come for the second session on Sunday. But because the lights are off in the chapel where they watch it, Hermana Gomez told me she slept through most of it hahaha. I was upstairs in a room where they were broadcasting the conference in English for los gringos. HOWEVER Hermana Gomez told me when President Monson stood up to give his last closing remarks, Constanza sat up straight and listened...yay! 

Yes, yes, conference was great...LOVED D. TODD CHRISTOFFERSON´S SHAKESPEARE REFERENCE HOLLAAA. Henry V!! Great play. Honestly, all the messages were just fantastic. I loooved President Eyring´s talk about personal revelation. So, so important.  Defintitely needed to hear that. Human judgement and logical thinking is not enough...we need to actively seek answers from God! Ah! So great!
The rest of the week went well. We made cupcakes with a member on Tuesday night. Carolina. She is sooo funny and sweet. She lives with her son, Mateo. They are awesome!! She was making the cupakes for Mateo´s seminary class the next morning. Herman Gomez and I helped her, and she let us eat TWO...with milk! Never underestimate the power of cupcakes and milk...baked goods.... ahhhh yes.

So we met with Militza, and one of the twins this Friday. Don’t know where the other twin was. Militza was baptized a looong time ago, and has been inactive. Her daughters are presh, and eager to learn. We watched a short movie of the Restoration. Militza loved it, she’s so great. She is so sweet and always makes cakes when we go over. I’m not complaining lolzzz. 

OH MY GOSH CAN I JUST SAY HOW MUCH I MISS MADISON..... Like we are working during the day, so I think about her every night and morning when I pray. But sometimes something happens, and I just wish she were here so we could laugh. She is so funny!!!!! hahaha. ahhh i  love her. Alas, this time apart is but a moment when one looks at the grand spectrum of eternity!!! Speaking of, I am just so excited to spend eternity with mi familia. Honestly, family is so so so important in this life. The family is so important to our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for my family! Good times, good times.

Que mas, que mas. We are looking for new people to teach. This week we met a young couple. And when I say young, I mean young! Fabio is like 22 and his wife (I think they are married, we did not ask), Falvia is 20. They have an adorable little boy named Cristobol. BABIES. Ok, he is more like a toddler. But still. They were receptive, and we are going back this week to meet with them again..... Hope all goes well. They were really great. Fabio reminded me of my cousin Tanner. He was so nice and open. 

Ok, time is running out. BUT one weird thing that happened this week haha. The other hermanas that live with us came home one night and told us they met a woman who was a little crazy. She gave a "blessing" to Hermana Huber. Hna Huber told us the lady put her hand on her head and then drew crosses on her forhead.... SO GUESS WHO HERMANA GOMEZ AND I MET LAST NIGHT COMING HOME. We were like twenty feet from our apartment buildings, and this lady just appears out of nowhere in front of us! She started talking really fast and was saying how she went to the conference but the capilla was closed. Then out of nowhere, she put her hand on my head and started speaking to me, then started drawing crosses on my forhead. She did the same to Hermana Gomez. She wanted us to repeat a prayer with her, but Hermana Gomez was like no, sorry. And then the lady started walking off, talking to herself. However, I do wish to say how grateful I am for the restored Priesthood power on the earth. Jesus Christ healed many people, and blessed many people. He gave this power to His apostles, who in turn went and baptized and blessed others. I testify that same priesthood power is on the earth today!  What a wonderful blessing it has been in my life. 

So yeah.  Life in Chile! I am a missionary, and it’s great. It is hard, but worth it! The Restored Gospel is on the earth today. This sentence gives so much meaning to my life. I know how I can return to my Heavenly Father. Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I can better myself every day so that one day I can live with my perfect Heavenly Father. Love you all!!!!!!! Peace out!!!!!!!!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Mittleman