Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How Many Times In Your Life Can You Say Good Morning, Elder Nelson, Right??!!!

November 10. 2014
Mi querida familia!! I love you guys!! So yes, this morning (Monday) Elder Nelson and his wife came to our capilla to speak to our mission and the Santiago Norte mission. IT WAS AMAZING. 

So, we woke up at 6. Got ready. The mission office sent out an email last week that said we couldn’t arrive at the capilla before 7. Since the capilla is literally down the street from us, we left around 6:50. Hermana Huber and Hermana Alcantara, the hermanas who live with us, had left about five minutes before us. So they saved us seats. We were on the left side, right after the soft benches. Not too bad. There were almost 500 missionaries in the capilla!! Can you imagine!! Everyone was all excited and talking and reading the scriptures. We knew Elder Nelson was arriving closer to 9, so we were just filled with joyful anticipation. It was fun seeing friends and hugging and kissing everyone (well, the hermanas, haha). Presidente and Hermana Wright came, and President Wright started going around shaking hands with the missionaries who were in his mission. Love him! Right before nine, someone went to the pulpit and told everyone to calm down because Elder Nelson was llegando. And then all of a sudden people started standing up, and I was thinking, this is it! Everyone stood up, and the elder who was playing the piano stopped, so it was just SILENCE. And then, standing on the tips of our toes, we see Elder Russell M. Nelson, Apostle of the Lord, Jesus Christ, walk into the chapel. QUE GENIAL. Oh, it was so legit. He and His wife walked up onto the stand, and they turned around and just looked out at us for a few seconds. Then Elder Nelson said, "oh my goodness!".  TOO PRESH I DIED. Elder Viñas, from the Seventy, and his wife also came. They both spoke to us, and then Wendy Nelson, then Elder Nelson. Sister Nelson’s talk was legit. They both had translators who did a fantastic job.

Sister Nelson spoke about our premortal life. She presented us with a curious situation. What if we could all own a little dvd of our premortal existence? What if we could just watch five or ten minutes from our pre-earth life? Perhaps, we could watch the last ten minutes, and listen to people tell us, "don’t forget to do this", or "remember this!". Or perhaps we could see who we stood by! Meaning Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Sister Nelson said we made covenants with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ before coming to the earth. We promised to do specific things. She told us if we could only see the person we were before this life, the person who we have been for EONS of time, all problems and trials in this life would FADE AWAY. She was amazing. She suggested perhaps all of our spirits had a little "to do list!" attached to us as we left for earth. The goal in this life is to find out what is on that list!!!! Because if we are not doing the things on that list, if we are not doing what we promised Heavenly Father and Jesus, THEN WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH OUR LIVES.  We are ETERNAL beings!!!! We can pray and ponder about what we should be doing!! Turn your back on mundane things of the world. Remember who we are. REMEMBER WHO WE WERE WITH BEFORE THIS LIFE. Remember who we are going HOME to after this life!!! 

Oh my goodness, it was amazing. She was so great. Before it all started, ALL OF THE MISSIONARIES got to shake the hands of Elder Nelson, Sister Nelson, Elder Viñas, and Sister Vinas. Shaking Elder Nelson’s hand was genial!!! I was so nervous, but it was great. I just smiled and said "good morning, Elder Nelson". Because how many times in your life can you say good morning, Elder Nelson, right??!!! Then hugging Wendy Nelson was too presh. She asked me if I was having a good time haha. I was like, uhh, yes!!! Caught me off guard.

Elder Nelson spoke to us, and he used the Guide to Studying the Scriptures, which is something in the back of the Spanish Triple. He briefly went over ten principles, and invited us to study them. What an honour it was to be in his presence. I will never forget how I felt as he bore his testimony of Jesus Christ. 

ALSO went to the Santiago temple on Friday!!! Rocio, a ward missionary in our ward, was receiving her endowment. So we went with her! So sweet. The temples are sooo sacred. How special they are. 
Well, fam bam. Not too much time left. Love you guys!!! 

Hermana Mittleman

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