Monday, May 18, 2015


May 18, 2015


Katherine and Barbara got baptized! It was crazy, but it was fun! They got baptized on Saturday, and after that we had a capilla abierta here in La Reina. Ward members came and supported us, and some Elders from the ward. 
Hermana Meg, (Twins) Katherine, Barbara & Hermana Rivera

I love being a missionary. Loved Madison’s Sleepless in Seattle reference jajaja. So presh! 

Happy, happy.

Love, Hermana Mittleman
Twins- Katherine & Barbara

Becoming More and More Spiritually Self-Sufficient.

May 11, 2015
Hellooo my lovely family!!

On our way home from skyping I could not stop smiling.... I am so happy! It was sooo fun skyping with you!! Hermana Daniela was taking a lot of pictures throughout, so I think she is going to send you some jajaja.
Mother's Day Skype 2015 With Hermana Megan

ON WEDNESDAY I WILL HAVE NINE MONTHS IN THE MISSION...... WOW. So happy! The mission is a blessing. I love it!

Mothers´ Day was lovely! Hermana Alcantara and I made breakfast for the four hermanas. I mad some pancakes, and Hermana Alcantara fried some eggs...Presh! We went to church, and only one of our investigators was sad because like four other people told us they were going to come, and they didn’t! But I was comforted to know that we did our part...we invited them, and it was their choice to come. It’s all good! One of the Bishop’s counselor’s spoke about mothers and Jesus Christ, and how they are related because they both give new was so great! He shared Alma 7:7

 7 For behold, I say unto you there be many things to come; and behold, there is one thing which is of more importance than they all—for behold, the time is not far distant that the Redeemer liveth and cometh among his people.

Really, Jesus Christ should be at the center of our lives. He is the most important person in my life. I know He is my Savior and Redeemer. I love Him! His pure love inspires me to be better every day! He will never give up on me, and I know He lives. He truly has the power to transform us. His grace is sufficient for the meek!

So there is a missionary couple in our ward...they live right next to the temple and their mission is serving in the Temple, but they come to our ward every Sunday. They are from Utah I think...but anyway, they taught our Gospel Principles class. It was so presh because their Spanish is mas o menos, and they taught repentance and the whole repentance process. It was a great lesson, really fun and spiritual. I just love missionaries! Life is so good here.

So a good experience we had this week....We went to visit an antigua investigadora (old investigator). We found her name in our Area Binder (lolz, what is English), and we visited her about two weeks ago. Well, we couldn’t talk with her for too much time, so we went back on Wednesday. Her name is Estefania, and she is probably 21 years old. So we knocked on her door, and she let us in. One of her neighbors/friends was there. His name is Fabian, and he is 24 years old. We started talking with the two of them. It turns out Fabian too had listened to the missinaries a looong time ago. At first he was not too receptive, but the more we talked, he became more interested. We talked about the importance of the Book of Mormon.... I LOVE talking about the Book of Mormon! Seriously, the Book of Mormon is just SOLID PROOF Heavenly Father loves us! Sometimes I just get excited talking about it and I just want to start screaming or something like ´´YOU WANT PROOF THAT GOD LIVES AND LOVES US HERE TAKE THIS BOOK AND READ IT AND YOU WILL START TO FEEL A PEACE IN YOUR LIFE AND YOU WILL FIND ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS AND DOUBTS LE PROMETO!!´´ Think Alma when he wants to be an angel and speak with "the trump of God, with a voice to shake the earth, and cry repentance unto every people" (Alma 30:1) ..... But alas, that just isn’t how we roll as hermanas, yo. I am content "with the things which the Lord hath allotted unto me." (Alma 30:2) SOO anyways......They were both really receptive, and told us they were going to come to church. So we called them Saturday to remind them, and they said, yes, yes we are going to come...and they didn’t come. But that´’ ok! Maintain the hope!

We have another investigator who is Ana Belen. She is nine years old!  She and her mom are from Peru. Her mom is a member, but Ana Belen is not. We are teaching Ana Belen, and she is so presh! She learns fast, and her prayers are so presh. The only problem is that they have not been able to make it to sacrament meeting for about a month...twice they came late. Like in the second and third hour. Her mom is called Ana too (como mi Abuelita Ana, que preciosa!). Hermana Ana (the mom) works as a nana (like the lady who cleans and cooks in a house) where they live. They have a room upstairs, and Hermana Ana is always cleaning the house whenever we come over. We usually have to meet in the kitchen and be quiet but it’s a good time. Oh, FUNNY STORY, on Friday we were in the kitchen talking about fasting. The owner of the house came in the kitchen.  I don’t even know. He started hugging Ana Belen and with his other hand he was rubbing my shoulder and it was like SO AWKWARD and I was staring at my companion like "que honda??!!" and then this guys comes in between us and is hugging us and telling he heard us singing and was wondering who was in his house singing. He gave us each a besito on the head, and we were both just so surprised and laughing. It was soooooo great. Oh my heck, ONLY AS A MISSIONARY. I loooove being here.

I have been praying for the investigator of Madison all this week...I forgot her name, but I am praying for her! I hope she was able to get baptized. I love Madison, and I miss her. So happy we are both serving missions. She is presh.

Ok, so yes. Chile. Happy, happy. Life is good! I am doing well. Becoming more and more spiritually self-sufficient.

I love my family, and I love mi madre!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman

Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Showing Up Was An Answer To Her Prayers.

May 4, 2015
Holaaaaa mi linda familia!!!!

So...I AM STAYING IN LA REINA.... Can you believe it???? I have eight months in this area!!!! And I will be staying another six weeks!! I am excited to stay. This area has changed me. Truly the streets of La Reina have become sacred to me. 

So...this week was hard, but amazing. Amazing because we went to the temple with Marquitos!! 
La Reina- Marquitos

We went Thursday at 5:30. Marquitos got baptized in February of 2014. He has some problems with his mental maturity, but he is sooo precious! His sister, Anita Maria is amazing. They are very humble people. On Thursday after lunch, I had the feeling we should go and visit them to make sure they were ready for the temple. Sure enough, we arrived just in time! Anita Maria was running a little behind, and she was feeling stressed. She told us she had thought about calling us, but didn’t. So our showing up was an answer to her prayers. Being a missionary is awesome! So my companion helped her finish sewing Marquitos´s church pants haha so presh. And I put all of Marquitos’s stuff in a little bag. 
Santiago Temple- Felipe, Hermana Rivera, Marquitos, Anita Maria & Megan
So we took a taxi together to the temple! My companion and I both went. Hermana Alcantara and Hermana Alvarenga went too (the hermanas that share the ward with us). Really...being in the temple was just a dream. A beautiful dream! The Santiago Temple is beautiful. It was sooo sweet to watch Marquitos in the temple. I felt the pure love of Heavenly Father in the Celestial room. There was such a great peace. When Anita Maria and Marquitos were both in the Celestial room Anita Maria hugged Marquitos and they were both just crying. It was such a tender moment. I was able to sit next to Anita Maria and Marquitos in the Celestial room, and Anita Maria just kept looking at me asking me if I could believe that we had finally made it. I have never been so happy in my entire life!!!!!!!!! Such a beautiful day! Felipe, the Elders Quorum president accompanied Marquitos. 

I am excited to see you on Sunday!! It should be fun! Hope you guys have a great week! Go to the temple! 

Love, Hermana Mittleman

La Reina- Teaching Ana Belen from Peru

La Reina- Alicia recent convert

The Streets Here In La Reina Have Truly Become Sacred For Me.

April 27, 2015
Hello, my beautiful family!

Can I just say how amazing Chile is?? I am SO happy to be here. I LOVE CHILE. I am never coming home! I love being a missionary! The streets here in La Reina have truly become sacred for me. Yesterday, I reached EIGHT MONTHS in this ward...cambios are in ONE WEEK...I have the feeling I might get transferred.... the thought of being transferred is just hard breaking...I have come to LOVE this area. I love my ward, and I treasure the time I have here. Often I ponder on the immense love I feel for the people here...and then I think about my love multiplied by a million trillion, and I think about the love our Heavenly Father has for us. Truly, He lives and loves us. I am sure of it! I love Him! I love my Heavenly Father dearly.

Mom, thanks for the and Dad always tell me things I need to hear. 

Ok, the best thing that happened this week.... we met with Marquitos...he got baptized about a year ago. He is a little old man in our ward. His mind is like that of a child’s, but he is reallly presh!! He is going to the temple on Thursday.... to receive his endowment! So we are going to the temple!!!!!!!!! Sooooo excited!!!!! If you guys can, go on Thursday!! 

Hardest part...... just some personal is always hard realizing our weaknesses. But if we are realizing our weaknesses, it means we are coming unto Jesus Christ...just like it says in Ether 12! 

The twins are getting baptized next Sunday...if all goes well! They are presh. 

I can’t say much about Mother’s Day because I might be in another area.... scary! But next week I will tell you!! I am excited!!! I love you guys so much!!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman

I looooove Being A Missionary!

April 20, 2015
Sorry I have NOOO time! But yesterday, Tamara was confirmed!! She told us she felt the Spirit really strong! It was lovely!! We are in week five of the cambio! Yes, I think they will change me.... but we’ll see. I will have eight months in this ward on the 26th.... so I do not know! 

I looooove being a missionary! Life is sooo good. Even when I feel really sad or inadequate at least I am a missionary jajaja! 

We had two meetings with Presidente Wright and Hermana Wright this week. They were both meetings for new missionaries! I love them, and I love listening to them bear testimony. My companion is doing well. She is so presh! 

Have a lovely week!

Love, Hermana Mittleman

To Have The Privilege To Represent Jesus Christ To Heavenly Father’s Children Here Is So Great.

April 13, 2015
Ma and Pa,

WOW, WHAT A WEEK. Yes, the rumors are true: I have 8 months in the mission today! So crazy! I love being a missionary. It is by far the BEST decision I have made. Reflecting on my time in Chile, I realize I have changed so much. Really, I am becoming a better person. I AM JUST SO HAPPY I CAN´T EVEN TAKE IT. I never want to leave Chile! It is truly amazing to have the chance to serve for 18 months. Even with the hard times, it has been so lovely.

This week we had divisions! Our hermana leader is Hermana Cannon, one of the hermanas that arrived with me. She is sooo great! Her companion came to La Reina to help me. She is from San Francisco, California, so I was very happy to have another Californian with me!! We had a good day. We visited lots of people and had solid lessons. Very spiritual. When we went to Tamara’s house (Tamara is our investigator who got baptized yesterday), we had an amazzzing lesson. We talked about prophets, and the importance in following them. Before we knelt to pray at the end of the lesson, Tamara wanted to tell us something. She told us that with her problems with her boyfriend and work, she was feeling like there were obstacles in the way of her baptism. She told us the previous night she had been praying really hard, and she felt a warm and comforting feeling in her heart. She told us she knew Heavenly Father was just testing her faith. I almost started crying!!! It was so powerful!!!! 

The next day we had interviews with Presidenet and Hermana Wright. They are soooo great. We had a separate interview with Hermana Wright, then with Presidente. It was so fun! I love them so much, and it was basically our last interviews with them.... so sad! I felt so comfortable and happy in my interview with Presidente.... really in this week I have seen my progression so much! Seriously, so blessed to be here. Love it.

We visited a menos activa this week on Friday. She is a viejita named Maria Clementina. She is really precious. We visited her on Friday, and we had a powerful lesson with her. We talked about the importance of attending church. We were running a little late, but I felt a prompting that we needed to stay a little bit longer with her. We asked her some more questions about how her family was, and she started telling us a sad story about something that happened with one of her daughters. She started crying, and we were able to testify to her the power of the Atonement, and the chance to receive forgiveness. She told us that we really gave her comfort, and she was happy we visited her. Moments like this make me so happy. To have the privilege to represent Jesus Christ to Heavenly Father’s children here is so great. Every person is important to Heavenly Father! 

This same Friday we went to visit a less active family. Felipe, a member from the ward, came with us. He got back from his mission in Tennessee about a year ago. We were really happy he came with us because the noche de hogar kind of turned  contentious  and it was a little bit awkward because they family had invited non-member neighbors....BUT Felipe was able to help. I don’t want to say it was a disaster, because my testimony, at least, was strengthened. Gooood times.

Saturday, Hermana Alcantara and Hermana Alvarenga had a baptism! A woman named Soledad got baptized! It was presh! The hermana who was going to direct the music did not come, so our ward mission leader asked me to do it. It was funny because not a whole lot of people came with hymn books, and it was a small in the closing song when we started singing "Did You Think to Pray" I kind sang a solo for five seconds and I kind of started laughing jajajajaja. GOOD TIMES. 

I just love being here! 

And finally!!!! Sunday, Tamara got baptized! I do not know if I told you the story with her. But she has met with the missionaries for about three years now. She never got baptized, but about a month and half ago, she called us and told us she wanted to get baptized. So we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and she got baptized yesterday! It was a beautiful day! She is 19, and her testimony is solid. I testify God really prepares His children. Tamara was ready! She loves Heavenly Father and Jesus. I love her!

We watched "Conozca a los Mormones" (Meet the Mormon’s) last night. It was a stake activity, so there were a lot of people. We took an investigator named Maria Jesus. She is 15 and precious. Loved the movie. I loved the man who lives in Nepal. Truly inspiring. 

I am doing well. So, so happy. I was sooooooo happy to see you could meet Hermana Mauricio. He is amazing! I love his family! Loooove them!!

And I love the pictures you took! I miss Utah. But Chile is lovely, so it’s all good!

Really, God is so good. I testify of His love. He is so merciful with me. My personal relationship with Him has been strengthened. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. He truly bore all things. I trust Him. I follow Him. I rejoice in my calling to be a missionary. May God bless you this week! Saludos a mis hermanos! Los amo!

Love, Hermana Mittleman

I Totally Thought Of Madison When President Uchtdorf Started Speaking Auf Deutch.... lolz.

April 6, 2015

Hola mi familia!!! I am so happy! General conference was amazzing! Lots of talk about the family! I received some personal inspiration, and I am so edified. I think my favorite talk was by Hermana Burton. I was soooo happy when the choir sang "Consider the Lillies." Goood times. I was able to watch the conference in English again. It was weird still being here in the La Reina for another general conference jajaja. They had an English room upstairs for the accommodating! 

This week went by fast. We had a clase de zona. We talked about pride, and how we can strengthen our companionships. It was amazing! Our zone leaders are wonderful! 
Zone Conference- La Reinda Area

We had a meeting with the new missionaries and trainers on Thursday, and it was amazing!!! President Wright talked about pride and humility. I had made cinammon rolls the night before (thank you for the recipe, mom!!!), so we gave some to President and Hermana Wright and the assistants.

Hermana Alicia came to the Sunday morning session of conference and she loved it! She got to hear President Monson speak, and this was awesome. 

I totally thought of Madison when President Uchtdorf started speaking auf deutch.... lolz. 

We are having interviews with President this week. I am excited! 

Hermana Rivera is doing well. Still having some weird pains, but she is so strong and faithful. I love her! 

Sorry I do not have much time. I love being a missionary. Life is so good! Our Heavenly Father is so merciful to us. I love Him. I cherish His love. I love Jesus Christ. Truly, He is the son of God. Truly, He knows each and every one of us. May His love fill our hearts this week that we might continue doing good and serving others. Saludos a mis hermanos! Have fun in Utah! Take lots of pictures of Kim’s house!

Hermana Mittleman