Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Showing Up Was An Answer To Her Prayers.

May 4, 2015
Holaaaaa mi linda familia!!!!

So...I AM STAYING IN LA REINA.... Can you believe it???? I have eight months in this area!!!! And I will be staying another six weeks!! I am excited to stay. This area has changed me. Truly the streets of La Reina have become sacred to me. 

So...this week was hard, but amazing. Amazing because we went to the temple with Marquitos!! 
La Reina- Marquitos

We went Thursday at 5:30. Marquitos got baptized in February of 2014. He has some problems with his mental maturity, but he is sooo precious! His sister, Anita Maria is amazing. They are very humble people. On Thursday after lunch, I had the feeling we should go and visit them to make sure they were ready for the temple. Sure enough, we arrived just in time! Anita Maria was running a little behind, and she was feeling stressed. She told us she had thought about calling us, but didn’t. So our showing up was an answer to her prayers. Being a missionary is awesome! So my companion helped her finish sewing Marquitos´s church pants haha so presh. And I put all of Marquitos’s stuff in a little bag. 
Santiago Temple- Felipe, Hermana Rivera, Marquitos, Anita Maria & Megan
So we took a taxi together to the temple! My companion and I both went. Hermana Alcantara and Hermana Alvarenga went too (the hermanas that share the ward with us). Really...being in the temple was just a dream. A beautiful dream! The Santiago Temple is beautiful. It was sooo sweet to watch Marquitos in the temple. I felt the pure love of Heavenly Father in the Celestial room. There was such a great peace. When Anita Maria and Marquitos were both in the Celestial room Anita Maria hugged Marquitos and they were both just crying. It was such a tender moment. I was able to sit next to Anita Maria and Marquitos in the Celestial room, and Anita Maria just kept looking at me asking me if I could believe that we had finally made it. I have never been so happy in my entire life!!!!!!!!! Such a beautiful day! Felipe, the Elders Quorum president accompanied Marquitos. 

I am excited to see you on Sunday!! It should be fun! Hope you guys have a great week! Go to the temple! 

Love, Hermana Mittleman

La Reina- Teaching Ana Belen from Peru

La Reina- Alicia recent convert

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