Monday, July 20, 2015

Brother Greiner, Snow On The Mountains & Transfers In Two Weeks....

July 13, 2015

Mi familia,

I have 11 months in Chile.... TODAY! So crazy! I love being a missionary. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for giving me the chance to be here in Chile. 

This week we had interviews with Presidente Morgan and Hermana Morgan! They are seriously sooooooooo amazing!!! Presidente Morgan has huuuge blue eyes..... They are so piercing. With all the missionaries he wanted to know where we received our endowment, and how we obtained our testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was fun because he said he has been to the Newport Beach Temple one or two cool! He told me thinking about my future sealing can be good motivation here in the mission. Experiences I have here in Chile can help me prepare for the future! I felt the Spirit so strongly as we talked...he is so great! So thankful he is here with his wife. Hermana Morgan is soooo chill. Really laid back and kind. Love her! We talked about books and Brother Greiner jajaja. 

So we had two great lessons with Loreto this week! We invited her to be baptized, and she knows she wants to, but she does not want to agree to a date...she is sooo great! So prepared! I love her so much! She travels home every weekend to visit her parents and her daughter, so we helped her locate a church close to her house. She lives in the Rancagua mission, which is like right below Santiago Este. Hermana Rivera and I are pretty sure she will be baptized in Rancagua because that is where she will be attending church. She is amazing! We have a lesson with her in thirty minutes, and we are so excited! Truly a miracle. I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ prepare people.

It is getting sooo cold here! There is snow on the mountains! So beautiful!!! 

Transfers are in two weeks.... 98% President will change me!

Hermana Rivera is so sweet. So presh. We are best friends, and I love her! So thankful we are companions!
Hermana's Rivera & Megan- La Reina

Ana Belen and her mom didn’t come to church yesterday, so she could not be confirmed...we were calling them all day, but no answer! A little disheartening, but we have faith!

It rained like ALL DAY yesterday. We were walking around a LOT. At night, some of the big streets were like crazy!!! But that is why we have rain boots! A nice member gave us a ride home in the night. It was a day of miracles because we met a lot of cool people in the street who agreed to our coming back this week to teach them! 

I love being here in Chile.... I know God lives. I know daily prayer and scripture study is so vital to our spiritual progression. I love my family so much, and I love my Savior.

Love you guys so much!!!!!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman
11 Months in La Reina

Monday, July 6, 2015

Presidente Morgan and Hermana Morgan Have Arrived!

July 6, 2015

Hola mi linda familia!


But first! On Wednesday, we had an AMAZING lesson with one of our investigators, Loreto. I mentioned her in my letter last week, but our lesson was just AMAZING.... AMAZING..... So to start, her friend, Bastian (the member from a different stake), called us and he told us that Loreto had called him, and told him she did not want him to come to the lesson with us. So that was kind of like, wow! What’s going to happen? So we met Loreto at the church at 7. She is so nice and precious. She is 21, and is just really friendly and great. We asked her if she wanted a tour of the church. She said yes, so we started in the chapel...we felt the Spirit very strong as we told her about sacrament meeting, and how we come to church to remember Jesus Christ. It was AWESOME. We took her around the church, and finished on the second floor. We started the lesson with a hymn "I know that My Redeemer Lives" - so powerful! At the beginning of the lesson we could already feel the Spirit so strong. Seriously, I wish you could have been there! SOO.... We asked her if she could read a little bit of the Book of Mormon. She told us yes, but she was still in the first chapter. We thought, ok, good, she started it! HOWEVER what really happened was that she had read the FIRST TEN CHAPTERS OF 1Nephi. And she started telling us about how she could relate with Nephi, with his murmuring brothers. She mentioned it was interesting how his brothers could still doubt after seeing an angel. Seriously, it was crazy, Hermana Rivera and I were like crying! We were so surprised and happy! She understands it! SO...after talking about the Book of Mormon, we talked about faith. 


And she asked if she could share something with us.... So we were like, yes, of course! So she basically told us her life story. Loreto is only 21.  But she has had a rough life! Just looking at her, you would not think so, but as she was talking to us about her past, I was filled with empathy. I will not tell all the details, but basically SHE IS PREPARED TO RECEIVE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Seriously! She told us she felt like she could trust us with telling us, and it meant so much to me when she said this! It was the SECOND time we were meeting! So crazy! She couldn’t come to church, however she called us as I was writing this email, and wants to meet with us tonight! We are soooo excited!!!!!! So I shall keep you updated on her!

And now.... What I am sure you have been waiting for.....Yes! Presidente Morgan and Hermana Morgan have arrived! So for three days last week, different zones had a reunion with Presidente Morgan so we could meet him and his wife. OUR ZONE WAS THE FIRST DAY WITH TWO OTHER ZONES.

So we arrived at the church here in our sector, and waited...and waited...and waited...our zone leaders had called us the previous night to tell us that President Morgan wanted us sitting down, reading the scriptures. We thought, ah! Que loco! What will he be like! So just imagine, a bunch of missionaries sitting in the chapel reading their scriptures.... Eventually the asistentes arrived and started setting up...and THEN.... out of nowhere, Presidente and Hermana Morgan walk through the front door of the chapel! And they are just smiling!!!! And one of their daughters, Katy, came to Chile with them! I just have to say.... I was nervous in the morning...I could not even eat breakfast! But when Presidente Morgan walked in that door (and we were seated on the second pew on the left side of the chapel, so close, so close!) I FELT THE SPIRIT SO STRONG. I KNOW he has been called of God to come be our mission president! His smile is just timeless. So great! So we all formed a line and got to shake his hand, and hug his wife and daughter.  SO GREAT! They are so ready! They just arrived here in Chile, guns loaded! 

So, to continue! Yesterday, our investigator Ana Belen got baptized!!! 
Ana Belen's  Baptism Day, La Reina

And guess what! Presidente Morgan, Hermana Morgan, and their daughter, Katy came!!!! Katy has 15 years, and she is really sweet. So basically, their first Sunday in Chile, they come to our ward’s baptismal service! The other hermanas from the other sector hada baptism, so it was really special!! We Hermanas misioneras sang "Lord, I would follow thee" and it was pretty.... Well that is what all the members said haha. Ana Belen looked so presh! So happy this day came for her. She is soooo sweet and tender. She is like my little sister! 

So basically, life is very good! I love being a missionary! I know Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior. He loves us! He is so perfect, and He wants us to perfect like him, and like Heavenly Father. He suffered our pains, weaknesses, and sins so that he can help us improve and CHANGE. Repentance is changing. It is a wonderful thing! 

My companion, Hermana Rivera, is amazing. I love her so much! 

Familia, I love you all! 

Love, Hermana Mittleman

The Love Of The Savior Is My Motivation To Work.

June 30, 2015

Familia! I am so full of emotions right now! We said goodbye to Presidente Wright and Hermana Wright today! SO CRAZY! So today, half the mission had their P Day with President and Hermana Wright. We went to a BEAUTIFUL park in the richer part of the mission. It was so crazy because we took "street" clothes to change into....So just seeing a lot of missionaries in their normal clothing was just a little weird jajaja! It was so fun! We took meat and had an asado! Soooo fun. It was so fun hanging out with my missionary friends the whole day jajaja. Love being a missionary. We had an egg toss, and that was a little frightening, but all good times! Some missionaries started throwing eggs at President Wright, and that was a little out of control jajaja.

In the end, we all gathered around in a circle and President and Hermana Wright said some parting words.... So crazy! They said to always stay true, especially after the mission. They have so much love for the missionaries, and I just love them! They are so important to me! Their example will always stay with me! We sang "God Be With You ´Till We Meet Again" in espanol and it was presh. I know we are one of the smallest missions in the world jaja, and I am so happy we had the chance to spend the day with Presidente and Hermana Wright. Giving my last hug to Hermana Wright was bittersweet. Thankful they live in the same country as me jajaja.

So.... Life is good here in Chile! Presidente and Hermana Morgan come tomorrow, and we will meet them on Thursday! I am excited! I will miss President and Hermana Wright, but they have served their time, and area ready to go home.

I just LOVE being a missionary. So much fun! Truly, an honor! So we are in the third week of the transfer...I am pretty sure these are my last weeks in La Reina jajaja. Hermana Kimball lives with us now, and she is from Washington/Idaho. Super enthusiastic, and super sweet.

Hermano Marcos is the assistant to our ward mission leader. He always takes pictures of us to send to you guys! He is wonderful!!

So this last week went by fast! Super crazy!  Just so thankful to have many wonderful experiences. We are really trying to find new people to teach. It is hard sometimes, because talking with people on the streets is interesting jajaja. I know the good and the bad is helping me progress.

BEST experience of the week: We received a reference from a member who does not live in our ward. He has a friend who lives in our ward boundaries who wanted to know about the church. His name is Bastian, and his friend is called Loreto. She is 21, and super sweet. Bastian has been less active for about five years, and he decided to start coming back to church like a month ago! So the four of us met in the capilla and we had an AMAZING lesson. We felt the Spirit so strong. We talked about Joseph Smith and el Libro de Mormon. She had awesome questions, and she told us she was going to read the Book of Mormon because she loves to read. We are going to call her today to see if we can meet with her Thursday. Praying that all goes well.

I am so happy, happy to be a missionary. I would not change this experience for anything! Seriously, the love of the Savior is my motivation to work. I love Him so much! I am so happy to be here serving Him and sharing His gospel. The Gospel truly is a blessing. It teaches us how to be happy!

Can’t wait to tell you all about Presidente Morgan and Hermana Morgan....Should be fun! Hope all is well!

Love, Hermana Mittleman

I Have Mixed Feelings About Staying In La Reina...Trying To Seek God’s Will.....

June 23, 2015

No time!

Our investigator, Ana Belen came to church so she will be baptized the fifth of July! She is ten! So presh!

Hermana Kimball, the new gringa in our house is so amazing! 
Sis Kimball on the left

She is always so happy and I love her! It is weird speaking so much English haha, but our companions get to practice!!

I cut my hair today! Didn’t bring my cord so next week I will send a picture!

For the first time in four months, Alicia did not come to church because she did not feel well sad! But we went to her house and our ward mission leader gave her a blessing. She has progressed SO MUCH. We read Enos with her, and out of nowhere she started telling the conversion story of Alma the younger...MIRACLE. Love her so much!

I have mixed feeling about staying in La Reina...trying to seek God’s will..... Advice? Thanks for your letters. I cried when I read them! You always say the things I need to hear! Seriously, love my family!! 

Love, Hermana Mittleman

Strengthening My Personal Testimony Of Christ, Moment By Moment.

June 15, 2015

OK JUST TO PUT AN END TO ALL OF THE SUSPENSE I AM STAYING IN LA REINA FOR ANOTHER SIX WEEKS...... I cannot even believe it!! So loco!!! But Hermana Alcantara left! 
Hermana Meg & Alcantara

Hermana Alcantara was in my district in the CCM, and we have been serving in La Reina together for all of our mission! She has become my best friend. She was not my companion, but we have come to have a strong friendship. I consider her my sister! I love her, and I will miss her.

So I have ten months as a missionary! That is crazy! On Saturday, I went to Ñuñoa on divisions, and it was really great! I spent the day with Hermana Cannon. 

We arrived in Chile together. I love her, and it was great to spend the day together. 

It is getting cold here!!! The mornings and evenings are FREEZING. The afternoons are pretty warm, so it is interesting jajaja. 

Hardest part of the week was spending my last moments with Hermana Alcantara.
Best part was feeling the Holy Ghost very strong in sacrament meeting. Strengthening my personal testimony of Christ, moment by moment.

Happy, happy! Sorry this is short!

Love, Hermana Mittleman
Megan & Hermana Alcantara 

We have A New Stake President,The Old One Was Appointed As An Area Seventy...So Cool!

June 8, 2015

It all comes down to this! We are officially in the SIXTH week of the transfer.... So next Monday, I do not know if I will be in La Reina...on Saturday I will have TEN months in the mission. WHAT. How crazy! I feel so blessed to be a missionary. I am coming to know my Savior. Seriously, words cannot express the gratitude I have to my Padre Celestial.  Being a missionary is so great.

President Wright and Hermana Wright go home in July. So crazy! About five weeks ago in a zone class, we received an assignment to read a talk from President Uchtdorf that he gave to new mission presidents last July...we were told to read it and make appropriate goals as a companionship. On Saturday, we had a meeting with another zone and with President and Hermana Wright to see how we have been doing with the goals...President and Hermana Wright invited several companionships to stand in front and speak about their experiences...SO OF COURSE, President looked at me and Hermana Rivera and made us stand in front of everyone and talk about our goals. It was great, lolz. I learned a lot from what other missionaries said. I love President Wright and Hermana Wright. I will miss them so much. President has so much love for the Savior, and it is so evident when he starts speaking. I know it comes from HOURS of studying. 

We had stake conference yesterday!!! A member from the Seventy came. Elder Gonzalez! We got a new stake president because the old one was appointed as an area cool! Elder Gonzalez spoke about something so simple, yet so powerful: COPY AND PASTE. He told us we need to STUDY the life of Jesus Christ, copy his attributes and actions, and PASTE them into our own lives and hearts.... Oh my heck, I love it! 

We found two new investigators this week. Happy, happy.  Still on the lookout for new ones. 

We have been contacting A LOT in our sector. Meeting a lot of people. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ. What an honor. 

I testify of the love Jesus has for us. I love Him so much. 

Love, Hermana Mittleman
Hermana's Rivera & Mittleman

Hermana Megan & Alicia
Megan, Anita Marie & Marquitos

I Have Been In The Same Area For Half My Mission...But I Am Content!

June 1, 2015
Sup, family! Happy nine months to Madison! Que genial! She is so wonderful! I cannot believe it is already JUNE! How crazy is that??!! 

So the best experience of the week was Thursday! We went to the temple with Alicia! She was able to be baptized for her mom.... So presh!! We took a taxi to the temple. We live remarkably close, and I am grateful for that. We felt the Spirit in the temple! We took another converso reciente  (recent convert) named Hugo, and he was baptized for Alicia’s dad. Good times!

We had the last zone conference with President and Hermana Wright this week! We talked about the restoration and apostasy. The more I learn about Joseph Smith, the more love I feel for him. Really, he sacrificed soooo much for the Gospel! I am happy I can defend his name every day here in Chile. Hahahaha, something happened after the conference. When we were coming to the end, Presidente Wright said something to Hermana Wright about the "vacunas" which means vaccine (spelling?).... And everyone looked around like whaatt? Vacunas??? Some of the hermanas looked really nervous, like Hermana Alcantara jajaja. So at the end of the conference after we took the picture, we could choose to get a flu vaccincation or vaccine. I don’t know, it was just a funny thing. 

We stopped by the house of an investigator this Saturday, Daniela. 
Megan, Daniela & Hermana Rivera
She is the older sister of Tamara, who is a conversa reciente. It was her birthday. Her boyfriend is really into music, and he has long hair and a really deep voice that sounds like gravel and every time he talks I just want to laugh. But he is really nice and a little wild jaja. He sang a Guns N´ Roses song. Good times. 

I am having a lovely time! I love Jesus Christ! I have been in the same area for half my mission...but I am content! La Reina is so special for me. Have a lovely week!

Love, Hermana Mittleman

Chile Is Beautiful! I Love My Mission.

May 25, 2015

Monday again? I love Chile. I LOVE CHILE. I love being a missionary. I know I say this every week.... but it is true!!! 

Anyway, I will start with a funny story. We went to return the church keys to a member this week. She wasn’t there, so I was going to put the keys in a little mail box just inside the gate. I put my hand in, and then I pretended that my hand was stuck and I started making fake "oh no, my hand is stuck!" noises. I looked at my companion and she was laughing but then she got a really worried face..... She really believed my hand was stuck for a few seconds! It was soooo great. Made my week. GOOD TIMES. 

So.... we are teaching Tamara’s older sister, Daniela. She is amazing. She has had some serious trials in her life with mental illness. She had great courage, and I love her. We had a really spiritual lesson with her this week. She told us that she prayed, and that Heavenly Father told her she shouldn’t get baptized. She told us this right when we got to her house, so we were a little bummed. But we sang a hymn and prayed. After the prayer she told us she wanted us to keep coming because she loves how she feels when we come. Then she got really serious, and told us that we were really good people and that we are her only friends. Seriously, in this moment, I felt the Spirit sooo strong. I could feel the love Heavenly Father has for her. Sooo, we left feeling good with what we had taught. Then Sunday, she came to church! And she said was praying fervently to Heavenly Father. She said he told her she should get baptized! Miracle! She said church bored her, but we are not going to take that as an answer! Go team!

So great! 

We contacted a lot in the street this week. We met two ladies from Peru yesterday. One of them was so funnny! It is so great to hear people say "oh, wow, it is so great what you are doing." And then we ask if they want us to visit them, and they say "oh, no it’s ok. I work too much." It is crazy!!!! Ahhh, priorities!!!!!!

Chile is beautiful! I love my mission. Love you all!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman