Monday, July 6, 2015

I Have Mixed Feelings About Staying In La Reina...Trying To Seek God’s Will.....

June 23, 2015

No time!

Our investigator, Ana Belen came to church so she will be baptized the fifth of July! She is ten! So presh!

Hermana Kimball, the new gringa in our house is so amazing! 
Sis Kimball on the left

She is always so happy and I love her! It is weird speaking so much English haha, but our companions get to practice!!

I cut my hair today! Didn’t bring my cord so next week I will send a picture!

For the first time in four months, Alicia did not come to church because she did not feel well sad! But we went to her house and our ward mission leader gave her a blessing. She has progressed SO MUCH. We read Enos with her, and out of nowhere she started telling the conversion story of Alma the younger...MIRACLE. Love her so much!

I have mixed feeling about staying in La Reina...trying to seek God’s will..... Advice? Thanks for your letters. I cried when I read them! You always say the things I need to hear! Seriously, love my family!! 

Love, Hermana Mittleman

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