Monday, July 20, 2015

Brother Greiner, Snow On The Mountains & Transfers In Two Weeks....

July 13, 2015

Mi familia,

I have 11 months in Chile.... TODAY! So crazy! I love being a missionary. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for giving me the chance to be here in Chile. 

This week we had interviews with Presidente Morgan and Hermana Morgan! They are seriously sooooooooo amazing!!! Presidente Morgan has huuuge blue eyes..... They are so piercing. With all the missionaries he wanted to know where we received our endowment, and how we obtained our testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was fun because he said he has been to the Newport Beach Temple one or two cool! He told me thinking about my future sealing can be good motivation here in the mission. Experiences I have here in Chile can help me prepare for the future! I felt the Spirit so strongly as we talked...he is so great! So thankful he is here with his wife. Hermana Morgan is soooo chill. Really laid back and kind. Love her! We talked about books and Brother Greiner jajaja. 

So we had two great lessons with Loreto this week! We invited her to be baptized, and she knows she wants to, but she does not want to agree to a date...she is sooo great! So prepared! I love her so much! She travels home every weekend to visit her parents and her daughter, so we helped her locate a church close to her house. She lives in the Rancagua mission, which is like right below Santiago Este. Hermana Rivera and I are pretty sure she will be baptized in Rancagua because that is where she will be attending church. She is amazing! We have a lesson with her in thirty minutes, and we are so excited! Truly a miracle. I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ prepare people.

It is getting sooo cold here! There is snow on the mountains! So beautiful!!! 

Transfers are in two weeks.... 98% President will change me!

Hermana Rivera is so sweet. So presh. We are best friends, and I love her! So thankful we are companions!
Hermana's Rivera & Megan- La Reina

Ana Belen and her mom didn’t come to church yesterday, so she could not be confirmed...we were calling them all day, but no answer! A little disheartening, but we have faith!

It rained like ALL DAY yesterday. We were walking around a LOT. At night, some of the big streets were like crazy!!! But that is why we have rain boots! A nice member gave us a ride home in the night. It was a day of miracles because we met a lot of cool people in the street who agreed to our coming back this week to teach them! 

I love being here in Chile.... I know God lives. I know daily prayer and scripture study is so vital to our spiritual progression. I love my family so much, and I love my Savior.

Love you guys so much!!!!!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman
11 Months in La Reina

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