Monday, July 6, 2015

Strengthening My Personal Testimony Of Christ, Moment By Moment.

June 15, 2015

OK JUST TO PUT AN END TO ALL OF THE SUSPENSE I AM STAYING IN LA REINA FOR ANOTHER SIX WEEKS...... I cannot even believe it!! So loco!!! But Hermana Alcantara left! 
Hermana Meg & Alcantara

Hermana Alcantara was in my district in the CCM, and we have been serving in La Reina together for all of our mission! She has become my best friend. She was not my companion, but we have come to have a strong friendship. I consider her my sister! I love her, and I will miss her.

So I have ten months as a missionary! That is crazy! On Saturday, I went to Ñuñoa on divisions, and it was really great! I spent the day with Hermana Cannon. 

We arrived in Chile together. I love her, and it was great to spend the day together. 

It is getting cold here!!! The mornings and evenings are FREEZING. The afternoons are pretty warm, so it is interesting jajaja. 

Hardest part of the week was spending my last moments with Hermana Alcantara.
Best part was feeling the Holy Ghost very strong in sacrament meeting. Strengthening my personal testimony of Christ, moment by moment.

Happy, happy! Sorry this is short!

Love, Hermana Mittleman
Megan & Hermana Alcantara 

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