Monday, July 6, 2015

Presidente Morgan and Hermana Morgan Have Arrived!

July 6, 2015

Hola mi linda familia!


But first! On Wednesday, we had an AMAZING lesson with one of our investigators, Loreto. I mentioned her in my letter last week, but our lesson was just AMAZING.... AMAZING..... So to start, her friend, Bastian (the member from a different stake), called us and he told us that Loreto had called him, and told him she did not want him to come to the lesson with us. So that was kind of like, wow! What’s going to happen? So we met Loreto at the church at 7. She is so nice and precious. She is 21, and is just really friendly and great. We asked her if she wanted a tour of the church. She said yes, so we started in the chapel...we felt the Spirit very strong as we told her about sacrament meeting, and how we come to church to remember Jesus Christ. It was AWESOME. We took her around the church, and finished on the second floor. We started the lesson with a hymn "I know that My Redeemer Lives" - so powerful! At the beginning of the lesson we could already feel the Spirit so strong. Seriously, I wish you could have been there! SOO.... We asked her if she could read a little bit of the Book of Mormon. She told us yes, but she was still in the first chapter. We thought, ok, good, she started it! HOWEVER what really happened was that she had read the FIRST TEN CHAPTERS OF 1Nephi. And she started telling us about how she could relate with Nephi, with his murmuring brothers. She mentioned it was interesting how his brothers could still doubt after seeing an angel. Seriously, it was crazy, Hermana Rivera and I were like crying! We were so surprised and happy! She understands it! SO...after talking about the Book of Mormon, we talked about faith. 


And she asked if she could share something with us.... So we were like, yes, of course! So she basically told us her life story. Loreto is only 21.  But she has had a rough life! Just looking at her, you would not think so, but as she was talking to us about her past, I was filled with empathy. I will not tell all the details, but basically SHE IS PREPARED TO RECEIVE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Seriously! She told us she felt like she could trust us with telling us, and it meant so much to me when she said this! It was the SECOND time we were meeting! So crazy! She couldn’t come to church, however she called us as I was writing this email, and wants to meet with us tonight! We are soooo excited!!!!!! So I shall keep you updated on her!

And now.... What I am sure you have been waiting for.....Yes! Presidente Morgan and Hermana Morgan have arrived! So for three days last week, different zones had a reunion with Presidente Morgan so we could meet him and his wife. OUR ZONE WAS THE FIRST DAY WITH TWO OTHER ZONES.

So we arrived at the church here in our sector, and waited...and waited...and waited...our zone leaders had called us the previous night to tell us that President Morgan wanted us sitting down, reading the scriptures. We thought, ah! Que loco! What will he be like! So just imagine, a bunch of missionaries sitting in the chapel reading their scriptures.... Eventually the asistentes arrived and started setting up...and THEN.... out of nowhere, Presidente and Hermana Morgan walk through the front door of the chapel! And they are just smiling!!!! And one of their daughters, Katy, came to Chile with them! I just have to say.... I was nervous in the morning...I could not even eat breakfast! But when Presidente Morgan walked in that door (and we were seated on the second pew on the left side of the chapel, so close, so close!) I FELT THE SPIRIT SO STRONG. I KNOW he has been called of God to come be our mission president! His smile is just timeless. So great! So we all formed a line and got to shake his hand, and hug his wife and daughter.  SO GREAT! They are so ready! They just arrived here in Chile, guns loaded! 

So, to continue! Yesterday, our investigator Ana Belen got baptized!!! 
Ana Belen's  Baptism Day, La Reina

And guess what! Presidente Morgan, Hermana Morgan, and their daughter, Katy came!!!! Katy has 15 years, and she is really sweet. So basically, their first Sunday in Chile, they come to our ward’s baptismal service! The other hermanas from the other sector hada baptism, so it was really special!! We Hermanas misioneras sang "Lord, I would follow thee" and it was pretty.... Well that is what all the members said haha. Ana Belen looked so presh! So happy this day came for her. She is soooo sweet and tender. She is like my little sister! 

So basically, life is very good! I love being a missionary! I know Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior. He loves us! He is so perfect, and He wants us to perfect like him, and like Heavenly Father. He suffered our pains, weaknesses, and sins so that he can help us improve and CHANGE. Repentance is changing. It is a wonderful thing! 

My companion, Hermana Rivera, is amazing. I love her so much! 

Familia, I love you all! 

Love, Hermana Mittleman

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