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September 22, 2015

Ok, I will just start by saying I was TOTALLY FINE during the earthquake. Hermana Vega and I were walking in our sector around 8:00 at night. We rounded a corner of the street where a menos activa lives and we heard the banging of a gate against a wall. I thought it was strange because I did not feel any wind on my face. But the trees were shaking too. We saw three men standing in the middle of the street. Then all of a sudden I felt the earth shaking, like vibrating. It was not strong, but I knew it was an earthquake! The men in the street called to us, "vengan a la calle, chiquillas. Es un terremoto!" So we walked into the street and stood with the men. The earth kept shaking!! Not strong, but it lasted for about two minutes! It was crazy. It was dark, and we were just standing in the middle of the street, waiting. Then it ended! It was crazy, and I will never forget that night! I wish I could say it was more exciting jaja, but that is how it was! Since that night, there have been a LOT of aftershocks. Some small. Some stronger. Love living in Chile donde la tierra tiembla. But above all, I am GRATEFUL I was safe. I am happy there was not a lot of damage, and that all of us were protected.

So we continued on our way to Hermana Figueroa`s house. As we continued to walk down the street we heard the televisions blaring in the houses. Voices of the news people frantically talking about what had just taken place, trying to determine how strong it was. Some people were standing outside of their houses, having fled in order to find safer ground. Many were talking on the phone, talking with loved ones and friends, explaining they were well. Others just scrolling on their cell phones, on FB, looking at news reports, etc. It was fun, yo. Hermana Figueroa is a little old lady who is REALLY funny. She lives with her son, Cesar. Cesar is about thirty something, and he is active. He always makes funny comments about his mom. Hermana FIgueroa was watching the news when we arrived, and Hermano Cesar was telling her there had been an earthquake because she had not been reading the scriptures jajaa. They are so funny! 

On Friday, it was el 18 de Septiembre! Super fun!!! It was the ward fiesta. Good times. We borrowed traditional clothes from some members. 

That was fun! There was a huuuge asado. There is a clay oven thing behind the capilla. We ate pollo, cerdo, ensalada, arroz, and EMPANADAS!! Soooo much foood. None of our investigators came..... But alas, life goes on. We keep working. We keep trying. We keep hoping.

We are contacting a lot. Knocking doors. I have hope!!! Thursday night I almost gave up hope because there were some rough waters between me and my companion. I do not know if I have prayed as hard as I did that night. We had a rough planning session, and I ended up having to go to the bathroom to cry a little.....I know, hard times happen. But as I was praying I felt peace. I promised Heavenly Father it would be alright if I was going to finish my mission with my companion. I told Him that I trusted Him, and I was happy to do HIS will. I felt peace, and I knew everything was going to be ok. I prayed for my companion, and I prayed for guidance to know how to help her. The next morning, it was a complete change. My companion had a changed attitude, and it all went well. We have been great ever since! I know God hears our prayers. I know we have to submit ourselves to His will. He knows all. He loves us. He will not let us fall. He will sustain us. I have felt this in my life.

I gave a talk on Sunday in sacrament meeting! It was fun! Jaja. It was from an article about reaping the rewards of righteousness. From the Liahona de July. 

I am doing well. I love being a missionary. Love you all!!!

Hermana Mittleman
Hermana Figueroa & Megan

This Last Week Has Been One Of The Hardest Weeks EVER (Do I Say That A Lot?)

September 15, 2015

Ok, straight up, I have about nine minutes to write this. SO much has happened this week. My new companion is Hermana Vega, from Peru. She has about ten months in the mission. Hermana Velazquez is staying in our ward!!!! She got transferred to the other sector jajajaja! So she had to pack all her stuff just to come back to the same apartment jajaja. It is weird, but it’s good! 

So, I shall not lie, this last week has been one of the hardest weeks EVER (do I say that a lot?). It has been tough with my new companion. HOWEVER my past week has been filled with the Spirit. On Sunday, I was sitting in sacrament meeting and I felt soooo hopeless. I felt really alone, and I was not sure how I was going to make it through five more weeks....Then I remembered my Savior. Truly, I know He has felt every weakness, despair, doubt, etc. I felt the Spirit in my heart, and I felt peace. It was such a relief. It was so clear in my mind that Heavenly Father was not going to take away my burdens, but I felt clearly the love Jesus Christ has for me. It was like He was telling me, "I am here. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Let’s do this together." Never in my life have the words "take my yolk upon you" meant so much. I KNOW He lives. Like Paul, like Joseph Smith, I will glorify my God in my trials. I have felt the enabling power of the Atonement so strong in my life these past days. There is NO doubt in my mind that Christ lives. He knows me. He is giving me power because every day I put my faith in Him and I ACT with faith. I am obedient, and I have felt Him strengthening me. I love my mission. I LOVE it. I am becoming stronger. I am paying the price to come to know my Savior. 

Anyway, today we went to the country!!!! Dad will be happy to know jajaja. We went to a place called "Cajon de Maipo". Go google it! It looks like Utah jajaja. Near Alpine or there abouts. A lot of hills, and there was snow on the tops of the mountains. So peaceful and gorgeous. Seriously, I love Chile. A couple from our ward took us. Hermano Patricio and Hermana Veronica. They are probs the FUNNIEST people I know. 

Today we did intercambios and I had to go to the CCM with Hermana Velazquez so she could see Doctor Call. She sprained her ankle, and I got to go and help translate. Lolz. Hermano Pato and Hermana Veronica took us in their car. They are so nice! As we were driving a bunch of police on motorcycles swarmed past and then all of a sudden we saw a normal car stop in the middle of the road with a little blue siren on top. The man got out and started running toward a street and we saw he had a police badge on and was carrying a huge revolver! Scary jajajaja! It was legit because it all happened right in front of us. Hermana Veronica got all excited and called her daughter to tell her to watch the news.

I am well! I am happy! I love you all! The bus took about an hour and a half to get home from the CCM so that is why we are late. Sorry! Please just pray for me! Love you guys!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman
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El Cajon de Maipo

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


September 8, 2015

Ahhhh! My companion, Hermana Velazquez, is leaving El Parque!!!! The zone leaders called us THIS morning to tell us! So, tomorrow we will go to a capilla close to where we live for the cambios reunión.... The whole mission will be there. It looks like Presidente Morgan likes change jajaja! He is so great!

This week flew by! The BEST part of my week was Saturday. We were fasting, and in the night we went to the house of one of our investigators, Leslie. She is 17 years old, and she is so funny! She loves K Pop, and she is so nice jajaja. A little crazy, but really nice. We watched the movie, "Finding Faith in Christ" with her. I love this movie! It is so great because we learn about the compassion Jesus Christ has for all of the people He served. We wanted Leslie to be able to get to know Jesus better. When it finished, Hermana Velazquez and I shared our testimonies. I felt the Spirit SO strong!!!! I just KNEW Jesus Christ lives, and that He loves us!!! It was such a special experience for me. In the end, she told us she did not feel a desire to read the Book of Mormon, go to church, pray, etc... It was sad!!! She is an ancient investigator, so the missionaries had met with her before. It was a bummer, but it made me sooooooo happy because I realized how much I love Jesus Christ!!! I LOVE HIM!!!! Oh, it was so great!!!!

I am doing well. A little nervous, because all the members love Hermana Velazquez so it will be hard. But excited, because I love this work. I love Chile!!!!! 
GOD LIVES AND HE LOVES US. I AM SO HAPPY. LIKE ALMA 26 IS MY LIFE.  I am learning to rejoice in my struggles. I am becoming converted to my savior. May God bless you in this week. Life is so good! Happy, happy! 
Hermana Mittleman

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Baptism Is The Door To Eternal Life

September 1, 2015

Hello family! Thank you for your encouraging emails! I love you so much! 

So I live with three other Hermanas. Hermana Velazquez is mi compañera. She is from Uruguay. She can understand English mas o menos. She can speak some phrases. She is so great! Her life story is so inspiring! I love her so much. Sunday night we discovered that we both love Zoolander, so that was fun jajaja. Hermana Delgado, from Peru, and Hermana Acedo, de Mexico, are the other Hermanas who are here in El Parque. Hermana Acedo lives close to Arizona, so her English is pretty good! Hermana Delgado knows some English, and she is so presh because she has a Hymn Book in English and loves singing "Be Still My Soul". 

Yesterday we had our zone class! It is always fun talking with the other missionaries from our zone. We talked about baptism, and how it is the door to eternal life. Sooo great!!! 

Cannot believe Madison has a year in the mission! That is so great! I love readings her emails! So inspiring! 

El Parque is a small ward. The weekly attendance at church is about 70-80 people. My sector basically has two part is nothing but houses. The other part is houses, but more flaite.... Or a little more scary/dangerous...but only at night! We are always careful! 

I love reading the Book of Mormon every personal testimony of Christ has been strengthened so much. Whenever I think about Jesus, I just know He lives...there is so hesitation. No doubt. He lives.
Next Tuesday we are going to go to La Feria to buy fruit and maybe clothes. There is a Feria right behind our apartment buildings in the area of Hermana Delgado and her mana acedo. I will take pictures so you can finally know what I am talking about hahaha! 
Have a great week! Love you all!

La Parque- Hermana's Delgado, Acedo, Velazquez & Mittleman

Elder Gonzalez Kept Saying My Name, And I Felt Almost Famous Because A Seventy Was Saying My Name

August 25, 2015


My zone was making fun of me because I got a package,

 a letter from Dad,

 and some more notes...I felt so loved!  Seriously, thank you sooooo much! I was so happy to see all that you sent me! The Mo Tab with David Archuleta Christmas CD probs made my day.... 

We opened it when we got to the house and listened to it while we ate lunch.

Today we went to the Temple to do a session and iniciatorias!!!! Sorry I forgot to tell you last week! But it was SOO amazing!!!!! I love the Temple! The Santiago Temple is so beautiful! I am so thankful it is in our mission, and we have the opportunity to go every three months! Love it! Hermana Alcantara and her companion also went, so that was so fun reuniting in the temple! So presh! The four hermanas from our ward went together. We took a bus to the Temple and we almost did not make it! We woke up at six, and left around 7:15....the bus came at 7:35 and we got to the temple at 8:45...for the 9:00 session jajaja! But there were not a whole of people...mostly all missionaries! Good times!

I know the Temple is the house of God...the peace I felt this morning in the temple is soooo different than ANY other feeling I feel outside of the temple. It always brings back memories of going to the Newport Beach Temple.... We took a lot of pictures, and when we were leaving I saw one of my MTC companions, Hermana Rivero. That was fun! Love her! I will send a picture!

So, the BEST part of last week was a special meeting we had with Elder Gonzalez, a seventy! He came and had two meetings with our mission. One- half of the mission on one day, and the other half the next day. It was sooo fun! He is from Uruguay, and has a presh accent. We all got to shake his hand and hug his wife too. His wive’s name is Zuma.... So cool, right? Love it! 

He wanted to divide all the missionaries into five different groups. So we divided ourselves by our stakes/zones. Elder Gonzalez went with one zone, Hermana Zuma with our zone, Presidente Morgan with one zone, Hermana Morgan with another, and Los Asistentes with their own zone. It was sooo cool! Elder Gonzalez is the new Area President, so he and his wife are touring the missions. He said we are going to do something we have never tried, so we will see how it works out jajaja. But it turned out amazingly. So Hermana Gonzalez taught us about the doctrine of Christ. We read in 3 Nephi 11:19-37. She wanted us to count the number of times Jesus said the words, "baptism"..... 14! We discussed the fear we feel sometimes to talk about baptism. But baptism is apart of the doctrine of Christ.... whether we have fear or no, it will ALWAYS be essential to our salvation! Why? Because the Gospel is ETERNAL. The Gospel has always existed, and it is important we let the world know that everyone must be baptized! It was soo great. It made me thing about a scripture Madison sent to me the day I entered the a year ago! It talks about how there is no need to fear man...because we are disciples of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We can take heart because we stand with our perfect Savior. His doctrine is true and eternal. It leads us to our Heavenly Father. It leads us to TRUE and EVERLASTING happiness. Who are we to fear man? 

So anyway jaja. After about twenty minutes of our mini class with Hermana Zuma, we all sat back down together with the missionaries. Each zone had to pick a "spokesperson" to give a five to ten minute report of what they learned to the other missionaries...You probably know where this is leading jajaja. No one wanted to be the spokesperson in our zone, so I volunteered! Good times! I went first, and before I started Elder Gonzalez asked Hermana Zuma if she wanted to say anything to she stood up and gave me a hug and whispered, "You can do it!" presh!  So I told everyone what we learned. I felt the Spirit, and I was happy I had the chance to do it. Afterwards, Elder Gonzalez made some comments and kept saying my name, and I felt almost famous because a seventy was saying my name (heeey!). 

We knocked a LOT of doors this week.... Some success. Still looking for people. The search is ongoing! I know the Lord is testing our diligence and our faith. It would be soo easy to just go to the house and nap or eat or chill.... But I want to serve the Lord. I get home so tired and exhausted, and a little spiritually weary...but I know this is helping me! It is probably just karma from what I said in the paragraph above jajajaja! But I shall not surrender....We are in the work of saving souls. My testimony of the Atonement is strengthening. 

Ok, this is really long, but I am doing well! With one year on the mission.... I am definitely learning about myself. I think I have learned most about my self worth and my divine nature. I am learning that I can do hard things.... When I am standing with the Lord. It is a lot easier to take rejection, humiliation, etc. when I think to myself "I am doing this for Jesus." My eternal perspective has grown too. My testimony of the Temple has grown A LOT! The Temple is so essential to our happiness and to our salvation. I realize I am nothing without God. I feel like Ammon when he rejoices in God. 


I know I depend on God. Every day, I need Jesus Christ. I think I am learning most upon my personal dependence on Jesus and Heavenly Father. I am becoming more humble. I am learning I can change! It is such a miracle, and I am so grateful for these precious experiences I am having in Chile. 

My family is so special, and I love all of you! Que Dios les bendiga, que que tengan una linda semana!

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Mittleman

It Is So True That We Are Carrying A Message Worth A Heck Of A Lot More Than One Million Dollars!

August 19, 2015

Ok, our Presidente gave us thirty minutes to write today (Wednesday).

 On Thursday of last week, I hit ONE YEAR on the mission. It was so fun because I got to do intercambios with Hermana Stokes. 
La Parque- Hermana's Mittleman & Stokes
We entered the mission field together last August! She is so great, and SO funny. I love doing intercambios with other North Americans because we can just talk in English the whole time, and I know she gets what I’m saying. Jajaja, it’s nice to take a break from Spanish sometimes. It was a fun day. We knocked on a LOT of doors. We met some nice people. We laughed a lot. At the end of the day, we both had a craving for french we went and bought some from a little place in our sector! They were SO good jajaja. 

It was also a tough week, because my companion has had some trouble lately. But it is great to see why I am here in this area with her.... I love being a disciple of Jesus and serving my companion. 

Also, I found out a member in our ward is obsessed with Jane Austen and Downton Abbey!!! It was soo fun talking with her. We had lunch with her and her family on Sunday after church. Her name is Hermana Neville. So great!

None of our investigators came to church! Or menos activos jajaja.... We are still searching for more people to teach! The more I study the Plan of Salvation, the more I realize how important it is to share the Gospel...we are so lucky to have it in our lives!!!! I love being a missionary.

I LOVED Madison’s email....It is so true that we are carrying a message worth a heck of a lot more than one million dollars....that is so crazy! We are offering TRUTH in a world full of darkness and confusion. We have the privilege of telling people how God himself descended to the earth with His beloved son to visit a young boy who would later be called as a prophet. We have the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ with all the covenants and ordinances that help us receive exaltation...

I forgot to tell you about a crazy story that happened about two week ago. We were in the house of a menos activa, (Less Active) and all of a sudden we hear a loud crashing sound. So we look out the window, and we saw a group of people standing around a car in the middle of the street. A young man had crashed into a car, and was lying on the ground! It was so sad and scary. The meno activa was like, "let’s go outside!"... And my companion and I were like, uhhhhh, ok! So we went outside and right away the meno activa runs to the car and starts asking what happened and it was just kind of funny. We were standing at the door of her gate like uhhh what do we do.....there was blood on the car and it was just really sad! But I am happy we have the Plan of Salvation to comfort us in times of strife.

I am doing really well. The time keeps moving really fast, and I just love being here. I love living in Chile and talking to people about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love my Savior, and I know He lives. I am his representative, and I will always treasure my misión.

Sorry, not a lot of time. Love you all!

Love, Hermana Mittleman
One Year in Chile!

One Year Being Known As Only "Hermana Mittleman"

August 12, 2015

16 Therefore, let your hearts be comforted concerning Zion; for all flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God.

Tomorrow is a very special day! One year as a missionary! 
La Parque

One year being known as only "Hermana Mittleman".  Oh, how the time flies! My mission here in Chile has been so special. I treasure this year that Heavenly Father has given me. I know He lives, and I know He loves me. 

I am doing well! Two weeks in my new area! Well, let’s be has been hard! My sector is a lot smaller and we have basically one investigator who is progressing. Her name is Leslie. She is 17, and super presh. She is from Peru, and she loves K Pop. Good times. Sunday was our ward conference! So the stake presidency came! There were two musical numbers...and guess who sang????? ME. I sang in a mini choir with two other ward members. GOOD TIMES...kind of. We sang "Come Unto Jesus" and "Jehovah mi pastor es" (titles in English?). They made me sing a solo part in "Come Unto Jesus", and it was super quiet and I prefer singing with other people and that is all I am going to say about that jajajaja. It’s all good. The stake president was talking about the pioneers and then he said "and now my counselors are going to sing a song" and his counselors stood up and sang "All is Well". LEGIT. We ate dinner at our Bishop’s house. He is great. Really direct and has a deep voice. They have like five kids, and their eldest son is serving in Osorno. He comes home in Diciembre. Their son who has 15 years found me on FB and was showing everyone my profile pictures.... Good times!

Sunday in the evening we stopped by a families house from the ward. They had told us to stop by because it was their little girl’s birthday. So we passed by, and it was crazy! Music, a million little kids (not really), and food.... Loco! We walked in, and we were like, ok, we should not be here jaja. So we took a picture with the little girl and then we jammed haha. 

Yesterday we had our zone conference with President Morgan and the Assitants! Hermana Morgan could not come because their daughter is sick. It was amazing! We talked about exact obedience! President talked about the stripling warriors of Helaman, and how none of them died because of their exact obedience. 
 20 And as the remainder of our army were about to give way before the Lamanites, behold, those two thousand and sixty were firm and undaunted.
 21 Yea, and they did obey and observe to perform every word of command with exactness; yea, and even according to their faith it was done unto them; and I did remember the words which they said unto me that their mothers had taught them.

He told us we need to obey with exactness if we do not want to be spiritually dead at the end of our missions...... It was legit! Ah! I love him!!! He also taught us a way that we can teach about the temple to our investigators. A simple, clear, and powerful way. He gave us all pretty pictures of the Santiago Temple at sunset so we can use them when we teach. He also encouraged us to have pictures of our own temples so that we can use them in lessons too (I always take my picture of the Newport Beach temple with me! presh!).  We sat with our districts during the conference, and there are two other companionships of Hermanas in our district...apparently they all like the way I talk and they mimic my voice in their apartment.....I was like, uh.........ok. Elder Milla, our district leader is so presh. He is from Lima and he is training Elder Thompson. Also presh.

My companion is great. 
La Parque- Hermana's Velazquez & Mittleman

She has been here like 7 months or so, so sometimes it is hard for me to have energy and hope with the people here because she tells me stuff about the sector...but I know it is my own faith and diligence that will bring to pass miracles in this area. I trust in God. I know He is preparing people! ¡Lo sé! 

It is raining a loooooot! A nice member gave me some legit rain boots. My purple raincoat is amaaaazing! Sunday we basically walked around all day jajaja. Lots of rain. But I love being here! I absolutely love it!

I love my Savior, and I have had tough times here in Chile. But I was rereading a talk by President Faust today about the refiner’s fire. 
“‘I have pulled my handcart when I was so weak and weary from illness and lack of food that I could hardly put one foot ahead of the other. I have looked ahead and seen a patch of sand or a hill slope and I have said, I can go only that far and there I must give up, for I cannot pull the load through it.’” He continues: “‘I have gone on to that sand and when I reached it, the cart began pushing me. I have looked back many times to see who was pushing my cart, but my eyes saw no one. I knew then that the angels of God were there.
“‘Was I sorry that I chose to come by handcart? No. Neither then nor any minute of my life since. The price we paid to become acquainted with God was a privilege to pay, and I am thankful that I was privileged to come in the Martin Handcart Company.’” (Relief Society Magazine, Jan. 1948, p. 8.

So legit! I am paying the price to become more aquainted with Heavenly Father. So happy to be here! I have about six months left, and I intend to make them count. Like the apostles of old, I will let nothing get in the way of raining my voice to this people as a representative of my Savior. With His divine aid, I will serve diligently. I love Him.

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Mittleman

I Know There Are Souls Here Hungering For The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.... We shall Find Them!

August 4, 2015

Happy, happy! Hope you are all well. I have had almost one week in my new area! My new ward is called "El Parque". My Stake is "Javiera Carrera". It is more south of La Reina, and a little more poor/dangerous. But not a lot! 

My last day in La Reina was preparation day, so Hermana Rivera and I used a few hours to go and say goodbye to some members. We said goodbye to Anita Maria and Marquitos. 
La Reina-Marquitos, Anita Maria & Hermana Mittleman
When I told them I was leaving the next day, I started to cry, and then Marquitos started to cry too..... SO PRESH. I will miss them so much, and I am so happy I was able to spend so much time with them. I will never forget going to the temple with Marquitos and his sister. They are so special!!

We visited Alicia too, and that was just soooo hard. When I told her I was leaving, she started to cry!!!! Oh my heck, it was so sad! But I told her that I loved her, and I JUST KNOW SHE WILL STAY TRUE. Her testimony has grown sooo much. She has a grand testimonio of Jesus Christ, and the restored gospel. 

Packing was a nightmare jajajaja. But it’s all good. Wednesday morning I met my new companion: Hermana Velazquez de Uruguay!!! She almost has 8 months in the mission. El Parque is her first area, and she is sooo funny. She is basically the latina version of cousin Kristin jajajaja. Love her. My new area is so small! We live in a tall apartment building. There are eleven floors, and we live on the tenth! The view is AMAZING!!!! 
La Parque

You can see most of Santiago, and we are soooo close to the mountains!!! We do not have a lot of investigators who are progressing, so we have our work cut out for us! Let the adventure begin, pueblo del Parque. I know there are souls here hungering for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.... We shall find them! With diligence, faith, and hope! 

One of my new zone leaders, Elder Rodriguez, served in my old stake for a few months. It was so fun to see him again! My other zone leader is a North American. If Madison saw him she would call him a "baby" because he is totally presh and probably 19 years old. There are two other companionships of hermanas in my district. I am serving in the same zone where Hermana Gomez ended her mission!!! That is fun.

We share an apartment with the other two hermanas who also serve in El Parque: Hermana Alcedo de Mexico, and Hermana Delgado de Peru. Hermana Delgado arrived en el Parque a week ago with me, so it is fun talking about our impressions of the ward and the members, etc. I will be living with three latinas again, so that should be fun! 

On Sunday, we ate lunch with a cute little member, Hermana Terán, and her grandson, Bryan. Bryan is 19, and he is preparing to serve a mission. He loves English, and he is kind of shy/quiet. His grandma was pressuring me to speak in English with him, and it was kind of awkward because I do not really like it when the people try to force me into speaking English with their kids when it is so obvious they do not want to do it. Jajajajaja, but she was just staring at me and I just thought, "is she serious?" jajajaja. But his English is really great, and I think he will go somewhere English speaking for his mission! Good times, good times.

 We taught a really great lesson with an investigator named Elizabeth. She has three daughters: Victoria, Constanza, and Florencia. Victoria is 13, and she is so great! We taught them the Plan of Salvation. It is so fun asking inspired questions because we asked Elizabeth, la mamá, if she had ever thought about where we came from before coming to earth. She looked at us and said, "I have never really thought about that." I am sooo thankful for the Plan of Salvation, and for my knowledge of it. I was reading a lot in the Book of Mormon this week about our purpose here on earth. I know failure, mistakes, sin, etc. are part of the plan!!! They help us progress! Life will not always be perfect. I know as a missionary I will have imperfect lessons, contacts, studies, etc..... And that is ok. I am learning to just smile and deal with it jajaja. I love being a missionary. I love Chile!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman 😍