Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Baptism Is The Door To Eternal Life

September 1, 2015

Hello family! Thank you for your encouraging emails! I love you so much! 

So I live with three other Hermanas. Hermana Velazquez is mi compañera. She is from Uruguay. She can understand English mas o menos. She can speak some phrases. She is so great! Her life story is so inspiring! I love her so much. Sunday night we discovered that we both love Zoolander, so that was fun jajaja. Hermana Delgado, from Peru, and Hermana Acedo, de Mexico, are the other Hermanas who are here in El Parque. Hermana Acedo lives close to Arizona, so her English is pretty good! Hermana Delgado knows some English, and she is so presh because she has a Hymn Book in English and loves singing "Be Still My Soul". 

Yesterday we had our zone class! It is always fun talking with the other missionaries from our zone. We talked about baptism, and how it is the door to eternal life. Sooo great!!! 

Cannot believe Madison has a year in the mission! That is so great! I love readings her emails! So inspiring! 

El Parque is a small ward. The weekly attendance at church is about 70-80 people. My sector basically has two parts...one part is nothing but houses. The other part is houses, but more flaite.... Or a little more scary/dangerous...but only at night! We are always careful! 

I love reading the Book of Mormon every day...my personal testimony of Christ has been strengthened so much. Whenever I think about Jesus, I just know He lives...there is so hesitation. No doubt. He lives.
Next Tuesday we are going to go to La Feria to buy fruit and maybe clothes. There is a Feria right behind our apartment buildings in the area of Hermana Delgado and her mana acedo. I will take pictures so you can finally know what I am talking about hahaha! 
Have a great week! Love you all!

La Parque- Hermana's Delgado, Acedo, Velazquez & Mittleman

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