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September 22, 2015

Ok, I will just start by saying I was TOTALLY FINE during the earthquake. Hermana Vega and I were walking in our sector around 8:00 at night. We rounded a corner of the street where a menos activa lives and we heard the banging of a gate against a wall. I thought it was strange because I did not feel any wind on my face. But the trees were shaking too. We saw three men standing in the middle of the street. Then all of a sudden I felt the earth shaking, like vibrating. It was not strong, but I knew it was an earthquake! The men in the street called to us, "vengan a la calle, chiquillas. Es un terremoto!" So we walked into the street and stood with the men. The earth kept shaking!! Not strong, but it lasted for about two minutes! It was crazy. It was dark, and we were just standing in the middle of the street, waiting. Then it ended! It was crazy, and I will never forget that night! I wish I could say it was more exciting jaja, but that is how it was! Since that night, there have been a LOT of aftershocks. Some small. Some stronger. Love living in Chile donde la tierra tiembla. But above all, I am GRATEFUL I was safe. I am happy there was not a lot of damage, and that all of us were protected.

So we continued on our way to Hermana Figueroa`s house. As we continued to walk down the street we heard the televisions blaring in the houses. Voices of the news people frantically talking about what had just taken place, trying to determine how strong it was. Some people were standing outside of their houses, having fled in order to find safer ground. Many were talking on the phone, talking with loved ones and friends, explaining they were well. Others just scrolling on their cell phones, on FB, looking at news reports, etc. It was fun, yo. Hermana Figueroa is a little old lady who is REALLY funny. She lives with her son, Cesar. Cesar is about thirty something, and he is active. He always makes funny comments about his mom. Hermana FIgueroa was watching the news when we arrived, and Hermano Cesar was telling her there had been an earthquake because she had not been reading the scriptures jajaa. They are so funny! 

On Friday, it was el 18 de Septiembre! Super fun!!! It was the ward fiesta. Good times. We borrowed traditional clothes from some members. 

That was fun! There was a huuuge asado. There is a clay oven thing behind the capilla. We ate pollo, cerdo, ensalada, arroz, and EMPANADAS!! Soooo much foood. None of our investigators came..... But alas, life goes on. We keep working. We keep trying. We keep hoping.

We are contacting a lot. Knocking doors. I have hope!!! Thursday night I almost gave up hope because there were some rough waters between me and my companion. I do not know if I have prayed as hard as I did that night. We had a rough planning session, and I ended up having to go to the bathroom to cry a little.....I know, hard times happen. But as I was praying I felt peace. I promised Heavenly Father it would be alright if I was going to finish my mission with my companion. I told Him that I trusted Him, and I was happy to do HIS will. I felt peace, and I knew everything was going to be ok. I prayed for my companion, and I prayed for guidance to know how to help her. The next morning, it was a complete change. My companion had a changed attitude, and it all went well. We have been great ever since! I know God hears our prayers. I know we have to submit ourselves to His will. He knows all. He loves us. He will not let us fall. He will sustain us. I have felt this in my life.

I gave a talk on Sunday in sacrament meeting! It was fun! Jaja. It was from an article about reaping the rewards of righteousness. From the Liahona de July. 

I am doing well. I love being a missionary. Love you all!!!

Hermana Mittleman
Hermana Figueroa & Megan

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