Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I Know There Are Souls Here Hungering For The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.... We shall Find Them!

August 4, 2015

Happy, happy! Hope you are all well. I have had almost one week in my new area! My new ward is called "El Parque". My Stake is "Javiera Carrera". It is more south of La Reina, and a little more poor/dangerous. But not a lot! 

My last day in La Reina was preparation day, so Hermana Rivera and I used a few hours to go and say goodbye to some members. We said goodbye to Anita Maria and Marquitos. 
La Reina-Marquitos, Anita Maria & Hermana Mittleman
When I told them I was leaving the next day, I started to cry, and then Marquitos started to cry too..... SO PRESH. I will miss them so much, and I am so happy I was able to spend so much time with them. I will never forget going to the temple with Marquitos and his sister. They are so special!!

We visited Alicia too, and that was just soooo hard. When I told her I was leaving, she started to cry!!!! Oh my heck, it was so sad! But I told her that I loved her, and I JUST KNOW SHE WILL STAY TRUE. Her testimony has grown sooo much. She has a grand testimonio of Jesus Christ, and the restored gospel. 

Packing was a nightmare jajajaja. But it’s all good. Wednesday morning I met my new companion: Hermana Velazquez de Uruguay!!! She almost has 8 months in the mission. El Parque is her first area, and she is sooo funny. She is basically the latina version of cousin Kristin jajajaja. Love her. My new area is so small! We live in a tall apartment building. There are eleven floors, and we live on the tenth! The view is AMAZING!!!! 
La Parque

You can see most of Santiago, and we are soooo close to the mountains!!! We do not have a lot of investigators who are progressing, so we have our work cut out for us! Let the adventure begin, pueblo del Parque. I know there are souls here hungering for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.... We shall find them! With diligence, faith, and hope! 

One of my new zone leaders, Elder Rodriguez, served in my old stake for a few months. It was so fun to see him again! My other zone leader is a North American. If Madison saw him she would call him a "baby" because he is totally presh and probably 19 years old. There are two other companionships of hermanas in my district. I am serving in the same zone where Hermana Gomez ended her mission!!! That is fun.

We share an apartment with the other two hermanas who also serve in El Parque: Hermana Alcedo de Mexico, and Hermana Delgado de Peru. Hermana Delgado arrived en el Parque a week ago with me, so it is fun talking about our impressions of the ward and the members, etc. I will be living with three latinas again, so that should be fun! 

On Sunday, we ate lunch with a cute little member, Hermana Terán, and her grandson, Bryan. Bryan is 19, and he is preparing to serve a mission. He loves English, and he is kind of shy/quiet. His grandma was pressuring me to speak in English with him, and it was kind of awkward because I do not really like it when the people try to force me into speaking English with their kids when it is so obvious they do not want to do it. Jajajajaja, but she was just staring at me and I just thought, "is she serious?" jajajaja. But his English is really great, and I think he will go somewhere English speaking for his mission! Good times, good times.

 We taught a really great lesson with an investigator named Elizabeth. She has three daughters: Victoria, Constanza, and Florencia. Victoria is 13, and she is so great! We taught them the Plan of Salvation. It is so fun asking inspired questions because we asked Elizabeth, la mamá, if she had ever thought about where we came from before coming to earth. She looked at us and said, "I have never really thought about that." I am sooo thankful for the Plan of Salvation, and for my knowledge of it. I was reading a lot in the Book of Mormon this week about our purpose here on earth. I know failure, mistakes, sin, etc. are part of the plan!!! They help us progress! Life will not always be perfect. I know as a missionary I will have imperfect lessons, contacts, studies, etc..... And that is ok. I am learning to just smile and deal with it jajaja. I love being a missionary. I love Chile!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman 😍

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