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July 28, 2015


So crazy! On Sunday, I officially reached 11 months in the La Reina Ward. 

So tomorrow (Wednesday), in the morning we will go the church building in Trinidad. There will be an official reunión with all of the missionaries who are getting changed. So different! President Morgan will talk with us, teach us something/share his testimony, then he will list the transfers ONE BY ONE.... Can you believe it?? He will go companionship by companionship, and we will all watch jajaja. Only the missionaries who have changes will go.... Ahh!! It will be so crazy! Hermana Alvarenga, from Argentina who lives with us, is getting transferred too! I already have one full suitcase packed! Can you believe it?? I am going crazy! 

So this week was great! We had a lesson with Luis, our miracle investigator. Hermano Marcos, assistant to the ward mission leader aka best Chilean you will ever meet, came with us. We talked about the Word of Wisdom. Luis has had trouble in his past with alcohol and drug abuse. He said he would obey the word of wisdom! And he decided to be baptized on September 6th! I won’t be here to see it, but I know he is prepared! He is awesome, and it is wonderful to teach him. His mom, Adrianna, is always in the lessons too. She is 80 years old, but looks like she is 150 jajaja. However, she is super presh! She always interrupts during the lessons and says stuff that is always spiritual. So cute!

Also, miracle of the week: Loreto came to our church on Sunday with her daughter, Valentina!!! 
Sis Rivera, Loreta, Valentina & Megan, La Reina

Valentina is sooo presh! 5 years old. Reminds me of little Gabby (Megan’s cousin)! Loreto is so great! She was in Buenos Aires this week, so we were not able to teach her. I will not be able to say goodbye to her, but that is ok! I know she will be baptized someday! She is so prepared, and we always feel the Spirit so strong when we are with her. 

We had two lessons with Alicia.... 
Alicia & Megan, La Reina
seriously.... Hermana Alicia just gives me so much hope. She has progressed SOOOO MUCH. It is a wonderful miracle. Truly Heavenly Father has given her understanding in these months. She has the Holy Ghost with her. I love her so much! I will miss her like CRAZY. Saying goodbye today will be soooo hard, but I know she is converted to the Gospel. She LOVES reading the Book of Mormon. Literally, she is my favorite person in this world!!!!!!! 

Ok, HILARIOUS STORY! On Wednesday we did divisions! I went to Ñuñoa with our lider capacitadora, Hermana Cannon. It was great! I love her! In the night, we had a lesson with one of their contacts. Turns out while we were waiting for him on the edge of their area, Hermana Cannon realized he does not live in their ward boundaries. But we decided to have the lesson anyway, and she was going to send his information to the office. So we waited for Julio, the contact, and walked with him to a member’s house for the lesson. Julio is about 38 (mas o menos), super nice, and super receptive. When we walked in the member’s home, her non-member husband was in the dining room with his brother working on some hardware project. So the lesson was in the living room. Their dining room is behind the living room, and there are like these glass doors in between. So it was super funny because the husband would occasionally look in and watch us and it was just funny jajaja. BUT the funniest part was that the member’s brother was also there. He isn’t a member so at first he just stayed on one of the sofas and closed his eyes. Then he started to nod off, and it was sooo funny. THEN...... out of nowhere he starts snoring in the middle of the lesson!!!! Jajajaja, I almost died!!! Seriously, it was so great. We all kind of just laughed, and the member was like, hey, wake up! Ahhh, I love being a missionary! But we had a great lesson with Julio. Super bueno!

Yesterday, we met a man who got baptized a long time ago. He showed us a picture of the day of his baptism, and then he told us only got baptized because he wanted to be with one of the Hermanas who taught him. She was from the USA, and he said to us, "You guys are wasting your time here! Your church isn’t true. Let’s get married!!!" And we were like UMMM...WHAT??!!!  Jajaja, I think he is a little alcoholic. Super creepy, but we are keeping an eye out for him jaajaja. 

All in all, it was a great week. Having our last district class was a little sad! Elder Granda, our district leader, left yesterday for Ecuador (his home).  Elder Burnham, one of our zone leaders, finished too. His parents came here, so they are going to chill in Chile for a few days before heading back to the states. It was fun having the zone leaders in our district. They both live with Elder Granda and his companion, so it was just so funny to see how they would joke with each other because they know each other so well. Loooove it. 

I feel so happy! I am sad I will be leaving La Reina, but I know it is time! I have no idea where I am going, or who will be my new companion, but I trust Presidente Morgan. I trust in the Lord’s will. Wherever I go, I will work hard with all my might, mind, heart, and strength. T´will be an adventure!! My companion, Hermana Rivera, is so nervous jajaja! This is exactly what happened to Hermana Gomez and I! We stayed four changes together, and then she left. So it is with Hermana Rivera and I! She is amazing, and I know she will be great! She loves the people, and her testimony is strong! I will miss her!!! We have had so many good times together jajaja!

So I found this AMAZING scripture in my studies this week in Mosiah 2:34. 

34 I say unto you, that there are not any among you, except it be your little children that have not been taught concerning these things, but what knoweth that ye are eternally indebted to your heavenly Father, to render to him all that you have and are; and also have been taught concerning the records which contain the prophecies which have been spoken by the holy prophets, even down to the time our father, Lehi, left Jerusalem;

I love that is says we must render God all that we HAVE and ARE.... consecration!! We owe him our selves! Our desires, our hearts, our will. I just loooove that. I trust in Heavenly Father. I trust in Jesus Christ. They live. I want to be like them. The gospel is a wonder! My personal conversion is a wonder! What a miracle it is that the Holy Ghost can fill my heart and confirm to me that I am a loved daughter of God.... Is this now a miracle? 

I love my family, and I cherish my time in La Reina. .

Happy, happy,
Hermana Mittleman
La Reina Zone
La Reina District 
Megan packing 11 months of stuff!!

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