Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lots Of Changes. Lots Of Nerves, But Also Excitement!

February 9, 2015
Hooooolllllla, mi familia! Cómo les va??!! I am doing well here in Chile. On Friday I will have SIX MONTHS in Chile..... Whaaatttt????? Crazy!!!! Then in one week, I will be 20 YEARS OLD. Ahhhhhhh!!!! So crazy!!!!  So, yes, what a crazy week. For starters, I WILL BE TRAINING!!! Ahhh! 
We were in the houe of Hermana Marta on Saturday morning. We always accompany her in the feria and push her cart and carry her bags. And the zone leaders called....and Hermana Gomez answered. She kept saying, "is this a joke?" hahaha. And then she told me she was leaving. And she handed me the phone, and Elder Guerrero told me I would be receiving a new companion who was already in the mission. So Saturday and Sunday went by in like five seconds. And then Sunday as we were walking in the afternoon after church, one of the APs called, and he told me that I would be receiving a new companion, but that she would be a NUEVA and that I would be training. GOOD TIMES RIGHT. So I am just going crazy! Ah! Hermana Gomez went to a different area where she will be opening a new sector AND training a nueva. For her LAST transfer.....crazy!!! But we will see each other at the nuevos meetings. And every P Day until March 23 when she leaves for Argentina jajaja. 
Hermana Huber leaves tonight for Arizona.... I will miss her so much! She is amazing, and I am soooo grateful to have had the chance to live with her for the past six months. She bore her testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday and I was crying jajaja. Love her! Hermana Alcantara, the companion of Hermana Huber will stay with me. We were in the same district in the CCM, and we have been living together for the past six months too...and now we will train together! I am sad Hermana Gomez had to leave.... we had so many plans for her last transfer. We were going to call her last transfer "El Cambio de Oro" or the Golden Transfer. But, alas, we are here on the Lord’s errand. As a disciple of Christ, it is my desire to do the Lord’s will BEFORE mine. 
So, miracle of the week. On Friday we had a ZONE FAST. Every district in our zone chose a few names of people we are teaching in our areas and Thursday night the district leaders called their districts and gave the list of ALL the names in the zone. There were a LOT. But we included Alicia’s name! It was a hard fast, we were so hungry and thirsty jajaja! But we just thought of Alicia, and the other people we were fasting for. Then Saturday night Alicia called us!!! She told us she felt really good, and was excited to come to church!!! It was a MIRACLE. Sunday morning we went to her house and ate breakfast. She said her head hurt, but she was going to go with us. She came, and she slept a little jajaja. But she liked it! Soooo.....she will be getting baptized next week! I am praying every day for her. We had a member come pick us up from her house on Sunday morning to take us to the church. The car was a little small, and Alicia has a foldable walker thing. Here they are called burritos jaja. It is a walker, with a built in chair. So Alicia got in the front seat, and she began talking to the member. And then I got in the back seat and Hermana Gomez folded Alicia´s burrito and started to shove it in the back seat with me. It was just really funny because the door kept closing and the burrito walker thing was so big compared to the car and it was just a sight gag. Like the two hermanas trying to shove the walker in the back of the car meanwhile Alicia was just talking away with Hermana Veronica. I couldn’t stop laughing jaja.
Mom! Thanks for sending me the lyrics to "I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go". I really needed to read the lyrics!!! I was getting teary-eyed as I read them jaja. 
So yes, lots of changes. Lots of nerves, but also excitement. A year left in Chile! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have this experience. I know the Savior lives. I am here because of Him. He is EVERYTHING to me. Livin´la vida loca en Santiago!!! CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES!!!!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman

Livin´La Vida Loca These Last Two Weeks Of Being 19!

February 2, 2015
Hello! Ok, happy birthday, Brody!!! I totally remembered yesterday that it was his birthday!! How fun you will be in Utah for his baptism!! And for our birthday! I cannot believe it is already February! Just a little scary! Livin´la vida loca these last two weeks of being 19 lolzzzz.

Well, to be put it plainly, this week was SOOOOOO hard. Soooooo hard. So emotionally and spiritually draining. Muy difícil. I think Friday was the peak...just the whole day I felt so worthless and so far from the Spirit. Throughout the week I was feeling low self esteem, and I felt like I was a bad missionary. I have never prayed so hard in my life before coming to the mission. I think I thought Heavenly Father had forgotten about me.... HOWEVER, Friday night as Hermana Gomez was praying to end our planning, the following words came to my mind: "you are my daughter, and I love you. I have created you, and you are mine." TEARS, TEARS, TEARS! Streaming down my face, I felt SO close to God in that moment. I KNEW He heard the quiet prayers of my heart. So yes, my faith in Jesus Christ has grown. Pushing through hard moments is tough, but Heavenly Father will ALWAYS give us the comfort and strength we need if we remain faithful.

It is so fun reading Madison´s emails and looking at her beautiful pictures!! I would like to take more pictures of my sector, but in some parts it’s just like "ohhh, yeah, maybe not" hahaha. Only because in some parts it is a little shady with drunks and shady lookin´people.... I STILL LOVE THEM. I love my mission. I love Chile!

So miracle of the week: ALICIA CAME TO CHURCH!!! Alicia is the viejita we are teaching who has a new baptismal date for the 15th of February! We had to move it because she could not come to church last week. But Saturday to Sunday Hermana Gomez and I fasted, and when we showed up Alicia´s house Sunday morning she was up and walking around!! It was a MIRACLE. She has a lot of health problems, and walks with a little walker thing if she leaves her house. We rode in a taxi to the capilla, and she stayed for all three meetings! She loved it, and it was a huge blessing. I know she is important to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. 

This is the last week of the transfer!!! We find out in the weekend if we have changes. I think Hermana Gomez and I will stay together because she goes home in the next transfer. This is Hermana Huber´s last week! She is amazing, and I will miss her. 

I know Jesus Christ lives. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you!!

Besitos, Hermana Mittleman

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I Am Here In Behalf Of Jesus Christ.....Enough Said!

January 26, 2015
Mamita! Thanks for the VT message. Obedience is important! Our Savior truly is the best example of obedience. He was obediente because He loved our Heavenly Father. We can all follow His example! 

So yes, week five of the cambio!! So, our investigator, Alicia, who had a baptismal date couldn’t come to church yesterday! So sad! Hermana Alcantara and I left around 9 walking, and we got to her house at about 9:45. But right when we turned onto her street, her husband was pushing her in her wheelchair towards their house...she had been at the consultorio again!!! They gave her more pills, and she was so sad she couldn’t come. She started crying. We comforted her, and told her that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know the desires of her heart. The scripture in Mosiah 18:9 "are willing to mourn with those that mourn, yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort..." It was a tender moment. The twins came to church yesterday! We haven’t gotten to teach them in a few weeks! Que fome! They have been busy with their vacation time. But, this week we are optimistic!! They are precious.

Hermana Gomez is doing well! In two weeks, she will be in her ultimate cambio!! So crazy!! She leaves March 23!! Love her. Her English has improved a lot (thanks to her great teacher, jaja!). Hermana Huber has two weeks left...a little cray...she is from Arizona. Love her!! I can buy a winter coat here! Of course heeheeee!!! Mom, if you want to, of course you can meet my new mission president!! jajaja, put in a good word for me!! BUT it turns our my best friend Kristen Read who is serving in the Phillipnes right now is from the same ward as President Morgan!!! How crazy!!!!!!! Ahhhh! She emails me last week. SMALL WORLD. So cool.

Hardest part of the week: Alicia couldn’t come to church! We were sad, but that is just life! Patience and love! What I want to happen here in the Chile is not really relevant to my mission. I am here in behalf of Jesus Christ.....enough said! Trying to work on my personal consecration...does it sound like I had improved? Hajaja! 

We are trying to find new investigators. It has been rough! But we are not losing faith! I will never lose my faith in Jesus Christ...NEVER! He has given me so much!!! Every day I pray and thank my Heavenly Father for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. The love they have for us is so amazing. 

Chile is good. Enjoying my last weeks as a 19 year old....WHAT??!!! 20 years old wasssuppp!! 

Family, I love you! Go to the temple. Pray. Read and ponder the scriptures!!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman