Monday, July 6, 2015

I Have Been In The Same Area For Half My Mission...But I Am Content!

June 1, 2015
Sup, family! Happy nine months to Madison! Que genial! She is so wonderful! I cannot believe it is already JUNE! How crazy is that??!! 

So the best experience of the week was Thursday! We went to the temple with Alicia! She was able to be baptized for her mom.... So presh!! We took a taxi to the temple. We live remarkably close, and I am grateful for that. We felt the Spirit in the temple! We took another converso reciente  (recent convert) named Hugo, and he was baptized for Alicia’s dad. Good times!

We had the last zone conference with President and Hermana Wright this week! We talked about the restoration and apostasy. The more I learn about Joseph Smith, the more love I feel for him. Really, he sacrificed soooo much for the Gospel! I am happy I can defend his name every day here in Chile. Hahahaha, something happened after the conference. When we were coming to the end, Presidente Wright said something to Hermana Wright about the "vacunas" which means vaccine (spelling?).... And everyone looked around like whaatt? Vacunas??? Some of the hermanas looked really nervous, like Hermana Alcantara jajaja. So at the end of the conference after we took the picture, we could choose to get a flu vaccincation or vaccine. I don’t know, it was just a funny thing. 

We stopped by the house of an investigator this Saturday, Daniela. 
Megan, Daniela & Hermana Rivera
She is the older sister of Tamara, who is a conversa reciente. It was her birthday. Her boyfriend is really into music, and he has long hair and a really deep voice that sounds like gravel and every time he talks I just want to laugh. But he is really nice and a little wild jaja. He sang a Guns N´ Roses song. Good times. 

I am having a lovely time! I love Jesus Christ! I have been in the same area for half my mission...but I am content! La Reina is so special for me. Have a lovely week!

Love, Hermana Mittleman

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