Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It’s So Legit Being A Missionary. I Love It!!

November 17, 2014

Hello! My first two cambios in the mission are done! My training is over! It’s crazy. I don’t think three months have ever gone by so fast in my life. I miss you guys, but I love being a missionary. It’s the best! 

Hermana Gomez and I are staying together for another cambio!!! And Hermana Alcantara and Hermana Huber are staying too!! The weekend was a little stressful because we didn’t want President Wright to call haha. Every time the phone rang, we all freaked out!

This week we met with a woman named Christina. We contacted her on the street last week, and she gave us her address and we set a date during this week to return. Thankfully she was actually home when we stopped by. We asked her some questions about her religious background, and she told us she doesn’t really have a specific religion, but she believes in God and Jesus Christ. She said sometimes she feels confused in the world, because she wants to know if she is on the "right path". Hermana Gomez and I were excited to hear this haha. We told her that the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ tells us exactly what we need to do in order to feel true happiness in this life. We testified to her the love of Heavenly Father. We started talking about Joseph Smith, and how he restored the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ, and then she asked us about the context of Joseph Smith. It was so great. So we read Santiago 1:5-6 with her. When I reached over to give her my bible, she said, "oh, I can just come sit next to you!". So she came and sat in between Hermana Gomez and I. Hahaha, the three of us nice and cozy on her couch. When she read verse 6, she told us she said "this is exactly how I feel!" We were SO excited jajaja. Not to hear this, but to hear she felt like Joseph Smith. So I got to tell her about the First Vision. Speaking Joseph Smith’s own  words to her was powerful. She was right next to me, so I was just looking her in the eyes, praying she would feel the Spirit. Christina is very receptive, and we gave her a Book of Mormon so she could start reading and praying about it. The only thing is that she works a lot, so we won’t see her for another week or two. But Christina is amazing!  Such a blessing to find someone who is prepared.  In the next lesson, we will definitely invite her to be baptized.

We also met with the twins this week. We finished lessons one with them, and talked about Joseph Smith. We invited them to be baptized, and they said yes! They are going to pray for a date. Still hard to teach as they are easily distracted haha. But they are great! 

It keeps getting hotter! Summer doesn’t start until December, but already I am lathering on the sunscreen every day. One day this week we were walking home, and my feet were SOOOO tired. We had been walking all day under the sun, and had not been able to sit down for a few hours. I was feeling a little discouraged, but then I thought about Jesus, and His apostles. That gave me strength. Knowing I was following their example gave me the enthusiasm to keep pressing forward. It’s so legit being a missionary. I love it!! The good and the bad! 
Hermana Alcantara and I made brownies to celebrate our three months in Chile! But then she got she didn’t eat any jaja. Love you all! Hope you have a great week!! 

Hermana Mittleman

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