Monday, October 27, 2014

The Gospel of Jesus Christ Is Just Phenomenal!

October 20, 2014
Hello! Yes, I miss Albertaco’s more and more haha. Glad that lady noticed we weren’t coming in.... someone cares! Heeeheeee. 
(Mom note- when Dave and I went for lunch at Albertaco’s, the young lady who always takes our order asked us where the girls have been?  Perfect missionary moment!)
This last week was just.... hard. Haha, probs won’t get into details. We are considering this week the "it can’t get any worse than this, so next week just has to be better" week. We barely had any lessons. So sad and frustrating!  But, enough with the Debbie Downer mood (totally miss watching that SNL skit). I will focus on the highlights of the week.

We had interviews with President Wright! Hermana Gomez and I traveled to the mission office on Friday for our interviews. It was SOOOO great. I just LOVE President Wright. I was able to talk to him about my struggles, and he gave me some great advice. We read some scriptures in Mosiah 5 together. Verses 2-5. We talked about how being sanctified by the Holy Ghost is a process. He challenged me to take line by line, and apply the phrases to my own life. That really helped. I now see that I am a changed person from a year ago. I think my heart is softer, and my desire to be obedient is stronger. I love, love, love Jesus Christ with all my heart. Seriously, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is just phenomenal. Where else can you find such uplifting and LEGIT answers to the questions of life? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the church of Christ. He stands at the head! There is no doubt in my mind. So yeah, President Wright is amazing, and so is his wife! I will be so sad when they leave next July. *tear*

We had a combined district class this week, and Hermana Gomez and I were the only hermanas in the class, and one of the Elders chose the song "As Sisters In Zion" as the opening hymn haha.... boys. Good times. 

We get 100000 pesos every month. I would say it’s about 100 American dollars.... maybe. Haha. Hermana Gomez and I spend a lot of it on baking stuff like sugar and flour and such. Hermana Gomez, from Argentina, loves to bake. She has learned how to make things like cake and brownies from gringas here in Chile, and she just loves it! She let me use her recipe for handmade brownies this week, and we were able to take them to some people. Fun! Fun! 

We got to do some service with la Familia Ortiz Cortes on Saturday! They are my favorite family evaaa. They are members, and they have probably one of the nicest houses in our ward (no, that is not why I love them so much heeheee). They are so sweet. We helped them sort through some of their old stuff. And of course, they bought us Papa John´s.... no complaining lolzzz. Also, Hermana Daniela (the mom of the fam) gave Hermana Gomez and I CTR rings and they are superrrrr presh!!!!!!!!! She is sooooooooo sweet.

I think I will be in this sector for a good amount of time. President likes to keep people in their sectors for a long time. Usually like 6-9 months. I know one Hermana who was in her previous sector for one year! Most missionaries go home having served in two or three sectors. But of course, there are others who rotate more. We’ll see!! So yeah, I think I will be with Hermana Gomez until March...when she goes home! But we don’t think about that!! 

Can’t believe Madison’s companion is going home in a week! I love reading Madison’s emails. She is so sweet and funny. I miss her and pray for her often. 

So yes, this week was just more people falling through on appointments. Discouraging! But we press forward! My testimony is strengthening every day. Love you all!! I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves us unconditionally. They don’t expect us to be perfect, but they want us to do our best! 

Love, Hermana Mittleman

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