Monday, October 27, 2014


October 27, 2014
Hello my wonderful family! I hope you are all well. Yesterday I celebrated TWO MONTHS IN THE MISSION FIELD. It’s crazy how the time flies. Seriously. Also, it’s crazy how many different emotions you can feel in one week as a missionary. So many ups and downs.  Good times. So Madison’s trainer leaves tomorrow? Crazy!!! Hermana Gomez and I are guessing we will be together until March when she leaves for her home, that great county Argentina. 

Today we went to a place called Quebrada de Macul. We took a metro train and then a mecro bus and then walked to this trail. I do not have the cord to my camera, but I will be sure to send a bunch of pictures next week. Anyway, so we basically were in the mountains and it was sooo beautiful!! Behind us you could seee allllll of Santiago. It was great to be in nature and relax for a bit. We were walking through a river thing.  Lots of rocks and a thin steady stream of water running through it. It was soo fun! We went with Hermana Huber and Hermana Alcantara (the Hermanas that live with us who we share our ward with) and Hermana Orton and Herman Millett. Hermana Orton and Hermana Millett are our Sister Training Leaders (LEGIT I KNOW), and they brought a girl from their ward named Carla. It was fun to have a girl’s day out! We got our feet wet and had some good times. Fotos next week!

This week was better than the previous one! Hermana Gomez and I worked hard, yo! Often it hits me during the week what a great blessing it is to be a missionary. My personal testimony of Jesus Christ is strengthening every day. Even when people are unreceptive, it is becoming easier to remember the goodness of God. This week Hermana Millett came to our sector and I got to lead her around for 24 hours. (SCARY RIGHT JUNIOR COMP LEADING THE AREA WOW THERE). Hermana Gomez went to their sector. But we were able to visit a meno activa and also Militza and her twin daughters, Katherine and Barbara. They are progressing! We are planning to invite them to be baptized soon. They are easily distracted during the lessons haha. T’was a good time with Hna Millett. Of course when Hermana Gomez is gone a bunch of people were calling us, and I took control of the phone. It went well though! I got to talk to our district leader, one of our zone leaders, and then a guy called to come fix our dryer (we have had a serious dryer problem for about a month now, we just hang stuff up in our sleeping room and turn the heater fan on, not fun lolzz). But, I was proud of myself because I was able to talk in Spanish on the phone!!! It’s the little things in life.....

Halloween is this week whaduppppp! Ahh, I miss Trunk or Treat. It’s weird, here Halloween is becoming more and more popular. Today we went to the Chilean Walmart (se llama Lider) and they were selling costumes and candy and decorations!! What??? I felt like I was at Target or something...... but yeah. There is a stake Halloween party on Friday. It starts at 8:30, so we might go if we can take someone. 

Anyway, I love being a missionary. It’s legit. Missionary work is so important. It is so important to do the little things like reading the scriptures and praying and going to church. We need to let our faith show! Like what Elder Nelson spoke about last conference. 

Last night we met with Constanza, one of our investigators. We taught her about the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy.... she is hesitant because her financial situation is rough....but we are encouraging her!! 

It’s legit thinking I have like 16 more months where I get to live in Chile and wear the name of Jesus Christ every day. I testify of Jesus´ infinite love for us. He sees us as the person we can become. By repenting daily, and acting on our faith, we can become better and better every day. Never lose hope in God’s love. He knows us so personally. He loves us personally. 

Love you fam bam!! muah muah!! 

Love, Hermana Mittleman

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