Monday, October 12, 2015

It Was fun watching The Three New Apostles Get Called! So Excited!

October 6, 2015

Hola, familia! 

On Thursday of last week, we had a reunión with Presidente Morgan and Hermana Morgan. President Morgan shared some great experiences he had while serving as a young missionary in Argentina. The asistentes talked about the temple, and how we need to talk about the temple with EVERY person we teach. We have to teach with the end in mind. We want everyone to have the chance to go to the temple and make more sacred covenants with Heavenly Father. Then Hermana Morgan spoke.... She is soooooo amazing! She put a picture on the big screen and asked us if we knew what was in the picture. It was a photo of an olive press. There was a container surface made of rock with a huge wheel-like object on top. The larger object was used to plaster the olives, to extract the juice. Hermana Morgan said that sometimes we feel like the olive... Being pressed down so hard that we can hardly breathe. She shared a quote from Orson Whitney that is found in the teachings of President Spencer W. Kimball:
“No pain that we suffer, no trial that we experience is wasted. It ministers to our education, to the development of such qualities as patience, faith, fortitude and humility. All that we suffer and all that we endure, especially when we endure it patiently, builds up our characters, purifies our hearts, expands our souls, and makes us more tender and charitable, more worthy to be called the children of God … and it is through sorrow and suffering, toil and tribulation, that we gain the education that we come here to acquire and which will make us more like our Father and Mother in heaven. …” (Orson F. Whitney)

I LOVE this quote! It is so true!!! Every trial, hardship, heartache, and tragedy we encounter in this life only serves to build us up! Hermana Morgan bore her testimony of Christ, and how He is always there in our moments of distress...only HE truly knows how we feel. Hermana Morgan is so great!

Yes, conference was amazing! None of our investigators came to watch it at the Stake Center! Sad! But I LOVED everything. I loved President Uchtdorf´s talk, and I loved Hermana Marriott’s talk...EVERYTHING WILL BE ALLRIGHT (is that how you spell allright?)! Love it!!! 

There was a small room in the Stake Center that showed the conference in English so the North American missionaries could watch it in their native language.... So sweet! Hearing President Eyring’s voice was so great! It was fun watching the three new apostles get called! So excited! 

We did not get to watch the prophet speak...super sad! Because we had a late lunch on Sunday and we had to run to take a bus to the Stake Center...lame. I hope to read it next week if the talks are available to print. 

The work is good. My companion is good. We have two weeks left in this transfer...I do not think we will have changes. We shall see! I am doing well. Learning to trust in Heavenly Father. Had a really strong desire to eat at “The Hat” yesterday jajaja. Good times. Hope you are all well. I pray for you daily. I know God lives, and I know taking the gospel to EVERYONE is so important. 

Happy, happy.

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Mittleman

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