Sunday, October 25, 2015

I Went And Cut My Hair Today!!

October 20, 2015

One of the first things I saw when I opened my email was the photo from Mom with her BEAUTIFUL new haircut! I went and cut my hair today!! I looove it! It looks a lot healthier! I will send a picture!!
Hello!!! The weather has been sooo crazy here! Yesterday it rained... A LOT! Today it is cooler. Blue skies, sun, and a light breeze. Everyone says it should be getting hot and staying hot.... but we are stuck in winter jajaja!

This week was great! Yesterday started a new cambio! Our zone leader called this morning and told us that we are all staying! In our casa there are no cambios! Yay! Six more weeks with Hermana Vega. She is great. We are great friends now. We are working so much better than we did six weeks ago jajaja. Grateful for her! I know we are going to see miracles this transfer.

The best thing that happened last week was an amazing lesson we had with one of our investigators, Patricia. She is a woman about 50 years old. She lives with two of her sons (she has a daughter who lives with the grandma). One of her sons, Benjamin, is 14, but he has the mental abilities of a 7 year presh! Well! A few years ago, Patricia was learning with the Elders...then something happened and they both got changed so she stopped learning. But we had left her 2 Nephi 31 to read. This chapter is amazing because it talks about baptism, and why we need to follow the example of Jesus Christ. She told us she had read it...and that she loved it! We invited her to be baptized, and she said yes! She told us she wants to get baptized in our church because she wants to be obedient and follow was so great! She is so humble, and she has so much faith in Jesus Christ. So cool! We hope she can get baptized before Christmas!! Yay! Yay for people who decide to make covenants with God!!!

We had another great lesson with a menos activa, Hermana Dennis. She is so great! She has a daughter, Ivana, who is 6. So sweet and super crazy jajaja. She showed us her Halloween costumes...she has two: Belle & Tinkerbell! It totally made me think of that little picture of Madison and I when we dressed up as Belle and Tinkerbell...many years ago! Lolz. Good times! We talked about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. Dennis’ mom was present too. They are both menos activa. The lesson was soo great! We talked about Jesus Christ, and the importance of partaking of the sacrament. Hermana Vega and I teach really well together. We always testify and I love it! I love the gospel! I love Jesus!

So last week we found a new menos activa: Carolina. She is the sister of one of the ward members. She is married with a member, however right now he does not want anything to do with the church. She really wants to get sealed in the temple, so we talked about the importance of eternal it! We met with her two times! She watches her sister’s kids while her sister and brother in law work. Then..... on Sunday when sacrament meeting started....Carolina walked in!! It was so amazing Hermana Vega and I were so happy! She is so great! Then we invited her to come to the Gospel Principles Class because the lesson was on eternal marriage… coincidence??? The teacher, Hermana Neville, is amazing! She served a mission and she is so nice to the missionaries. Love her. 

Sometimes it is hard when our investigators can’t meet with us, or when they do not come to church...knowing how much it will bless them really motivates me. But I recognize everyone has their free will! Go team! 

Hermana Vega is doing great. She has some crazy life stories… she was baptized about three years ago, and she is very courageous and humble. Love her!!

Love being a missionary. Life is so good! Cannot believe October is almost over. There are already Christmas decorations in the super market...WHAT? 

I know Heavenly Father lives! He loves us, and He wants us to succeed. The plan of Happiness is real! He is waiting for us to return to Him! How glorious! 

I know Jesus lives. His atonement is infinite. We can apply it generously every hour of every day!

Peace out from Chile, yo!

Love, Hermana Mittleman

Hermana's Mittleman & Vega

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