Thursday, January 1, 2015

I Will Be the Only Gringa (American, English Speaking) En Nuestra Casa!

Christmas Concert 2014 on Temple Square

December 29, 2014
Ahhhh! Loved skyping with you on Christmas. It was sooo fun. I was a little scared how I would feel afterwards, but I feel so happy. It was just what I needed! Hermana Daniela was sooo excited to have the four of us in her home to skype. She is sooo presh oh my lanta. 

So yes! Livin´ la vida loca here in Chile jajaja!! Just finished my third cambio in la misión!!! Que raro!!!! Hermana Gomez and I are staying together!!! Yay!!!!! We are excited to work together for another transfer. But Hermana Huber got transferred!!!! To Pirque!! She is going to finish training a hermana who recently finished her first cambio. We are going to miss her. Mostly because this is her last cambio en la misión. Ah! So sad! But such is the life of a missionary. The zone leaders called Hermana Huber and Hermana Alcantara Friday night and we were all screaming lolz. So we received a new hermana from Pirque, and Hermana Alcantara is going to finish her training jajaja. So I will be the only Gringa en nuestra casa! Jajaja.... Goood times! Should be fun. The new hermana is Hermana Altamirano, and she is also from Peru too. She is 19 too, and she speaks some english. Hope this email makes sense, sometimes I just don’t even know what I’m writing lolzzz.

So yes, Christmas was lovely. I cannot express my thoughts about how much I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I just know He lives. Just gazing at the mountains and the sky I can feel His love for me. He is so real. Learing so much here in Chile.  Really, when I think about what Jesus Christ has done for me, I just smile. So grateful for Him. 

Excited for the New Year!! So crazy to think I will spend all of 2015 in Chile. What a blessing! 

Yesterday, an investigator who Hermana Huber and Hermana Alcantara were teaching got baptized! His name is Victor Hugo. He is so humble, and it was so great to see him get baptized. The Hermanas taught him all the lessons in two weeks! It was a miracle. He was prepared. 

Love you all! Happy, happy.

Hermana Mittleman

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