Monday, March 2, 2015

I Love La Reina, And I Love My Area. It Is Not Glam, But It Is MINE.

February 23, 2015
Holita! Here I am in Chile! Just having the time of my life. Oh my lanta, I just love my mission. It is hard, but I love it! This week FLEW by! Insane! 

My birthday last week was awesome! We had a little fiesta in the capilla. I invited some Hermana friends and two ladies from the ward. We ate Papa John´s and cupcakes. Then after we went to the casa de la family Ortiz Cortes. Hermana Daniela had totally decorated for my birthday.... IT WAS SOOO SWEET! I love them! I felt so loved. We had cake, and they gave me some earrings from Lapiz Lazuli. It is a stone here in Chile. They are little butterflies, and sooo presh. So thankful for their love. And of course, in the night, President Wright and Hermana Wright called me and sang to me! So presh! 

It was a great week! My companion, Hermana Rivera, is a hard worker! She misses home, and it’s been a little hard for her. But she loves the Lord, and she is a wonderful example for me. We had a meeting with all the new missionaries this was weird returning as a trainer! ah! Talk about being humbled! 

This week we did divisions with our sister training leader, Hermana Paddock. She came here to La Reina and helped me. We had a LEGIT lesson with a menos activo familia. We taught about the Atonement, and we OWE it to Jesus Christ to show up at the capilla every Sunday and REMEMBER what He did for us. We felt the spirit so strong! ...They did not come on Sunday...but that is ok! My testimony of the Sacrament was strengthened immensely. 

We had a recent convert, Hugo, accompany us to a lesson this week with Marquitos and Anita Maria. Hugo got baptized December 28th of last year, and lives in the sector of the other hermanas. He cannot read, but he is so humble. He had cut his hair, and now he just beams with the Spirit! It is amazing to see the change that occurs in people as they come to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. As we were walking with him after the lesson, it was late and really dark, but I felt so safe with him! As disciples of Christ, I knew we could trust him. So great!

The twins are on vacation...lolz! They have a baptismal date for the 22nd! So, prayers for them! 

Alicia received the gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday! It was so presh! Hermana Rivera and I walked her up to the stand! One of the bishopric members performed the ordinance, and when it was done, Hermana Rivera and I returned to the stand to help her down, and she said to us "did you bring the tithing?" hahaha, and I was like, "yes, afterwards we can give it to them!" So. presh. 

I love being a missionary. I love Chile. In the meeting of the new missionaries, Hermana Wright told us that the streets of Chile will be a sacred place for us for the rest of our lives. We give everything here. Our hearts, our time, our testimony, etc. When Hermana Rivera finishes her training, I will have 9 months in the mission!

I love La Reina, and I love my area. It is not glam, but it is MINE. The Lord has given me this tiny area of his vineyard where I can work every day. I love Him. I know Heavenly Father lives.  I love you all!!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman

My best friend, Hermana Aponte. We will go home together! she flew to Chile with me, and was only in the ccm two weeks like me with awful spanish jajaja! BEST FRIEND FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE

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