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March 23, 2015
Mi familia,

I am well! Today starts the FIRST day of a new cambio! Hermana Rivera and I are staying together in La Reina! On the 26th of March, I will have SEVEN months in this sector....Time has FLOWN by! This week was amazing! Lots of good memories!

We had an awesome letter with Tamara, one of our investigators. We taught her the first half of the Plan of Salvation. I love teaching the Plan of Salvation! Really, how cool is it to know what we know? To know that our life has purpose! I know I am on this earth to prepare myself to return to the presence of my Padre Celestial. I love Him, and I love how merciful He is with us. Tamara is progressing. She is praying and reading. It is crazy to see how prepared she is! She has a baptismal date for the 12th of Abril. After our lesson, we walked to a little store that sells pastries, etc. Bueno, turns out the shop is just outside of our sector, so Hermana Rivera and I had to wait on a street corner while Tamara went and bought jajaja. It was awkwardly funny.... but she bought us little pastries with a yummy cream and they were soooo delicious! Love her! She is 19, and full of animo. We are excited for her!

On Thursday, Hermana Rivera had an interview with Presidente Wright. We took the subway, and then a bus to the mission office in Apoquindo. My companion has some heath problems that she wanted to discuss with Presidente. We also had the chance to talk with Presidente Wright together. We talked about ways that we can strengthen our companionship. It was great! Afterwards, we walked across the street and Presidente bought us ice cream! THAT´S RIGHT: THE PRSIDENTE OF OUR MISSION BOUGHT US ICE CREAM. So fun! We sat down and he told us a crazy story of how a mission president in Buenos Aires was kidnapped. Good times jajaja. I love President Wright. His love for the missionaries in our mission is so evident. He truly loves us. I am so blessed to be here learning from him.

Friday was sooo lovely!!! We took Hermana Alicia to the temple for a tour!!

Alicia with Hermana's Megan & Rivera at the Santiago Chile Temple
 It was soooo great. Felipe, a return missionary in our ward, drove us. He teaches at the CCM, and he is great! He dropped us off, and we met up with the hermanas serving in Pocuro, the sector where the temple is. So where the temple is located, in the same lot there is a church building, the MTC, and the hospital, where people can stay who come from distances to attend the temple. We started the tour in the church building, and talked about Joseph Smith, the apostles, and President Monson. Then we went outside, and walked to the temple. The Santiago Temple is just AMAZING. So beautiful!! I love being there! We walked around the temple, and the hermanas talked about the temple, and what we do in the temple. They talked about the importance of the family, and making covenants with Heavenly Father. We got to enter the temple because when you open the doors, there is a tiny little room before the desk where nonmembers can be. We talked a little bit there, and then the hermanas told us we could enter into the reception area where the desk is. We walked in, and IT WAS SO PEACEFUL. A little miracle, the missionary couple who attends our ward in La Reina was there in the reception area! Elder Brumble was standing at the desk, and Hermana Brumble was a greeter. It was so cool, because every Sunday Elder Brumble greets us at the door of the church building. It was great that Alicia could see them. They looked so great in their white clothes, and it TOTALLY made me miss the Newport Beach Temple. I LOVE the temple. I am so excited to be sealed there one day with my Prince Charming (but that’s all far off in the distance, right? Lolzz....). 

Saturday night was sooo fun! We had the Relief Society anniversary dinner! The Elders quorum made dinner, and served all the ladies. We went with Hermana Alicia, and a menos activa, Maria Escobar. It was so presh. The husband of the Relief Society president came and picked us up. As we were driving to the church, I was just so happy. To think I was in Chile driving in a tiny little car with two old ladies and a nice Chilean man made me so happy. I love being a missionary, and seeking out those that need the love of Padre Celestial. The dinner was in the cultural hall, and the decorations looked sooo beautful!! The hermanas did karaoke jajajaja. So Hermana Rivera and I went outside in the foyer and made some phone calls to invite people to church jajaja. Good times, good times. 

Today is Monday, and Hermana Gomez leaves for Argentina in a few hours! Every change, all the missionaries who are getting transferred meet at the church in Trinidad. 

So, Hermana Alcantara, Hermana Alvarenga, Hermana Rivera, and I went to Trinidad to meet Hermana Gomez. It is always fun to go to Trinidad because we get to see friends and say goodbye to the missionaries who are leaving. Good times. Fun fact: when we got to Trinidad we saw Hermana Wright talking with an adult lady who looked American. We noticed her husband was with her. So we said hello and started talked with her. Turns out she was the mom of one of the APs who is going home today! I started telling her how great of a missionary her son is. Then all of a sudden Hermana Wright said, "your son is in that van pulling in!" So we turned, and the APs were entering the parking lot in their van with some other elders. It was sooooo presh to see this elder and his mom embrace. Soooo presh! They both started crying, and Hermana Wright was taking pictures!! Sooo cute.  
Hermana Gomez, Megan's trainer and companion the first six months of Megan's mission

Hermana Gomez came back to our apartment. We ordered pizza, and she made brownies. Hermana Daniela Cortes, the hermana who always posts pictures of me on FB, drove us to the mission office to drop off Hermana Gomez. We had a brief goodbye, but it was good. Hugging Hermana Gomez for the last time was hard.... I love her sooooo much! She has changed my life! 

I am looking forward to a new change. I am so happy to be here. 

Also, thank you Beth and Darin Rich for your letter! I had forgotten how funny you guys are!!! Kearon is presh! Cannot wait to meet him! Seriously, your letter made me laugh out loud several times. It was so personal jajajaja!! 

Also, yes, got the package! The apron is presh! I will take photos! 

Family, I love you! I know Jesus Christ lives. He is at the head of His church. The Gospel of Jesus Christ can change us. He can make us better people if we let Him.  I love my Padre Celestial. I love temples. I love being a missionary. 

Love, Hermana Mittleman

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