Monday, March 2, 2015

To Help One Of God’s Daughters Enter The Waters Of Baptism Is An Honor.

February 16, 2015

WOW. Crazy, crazy week. SOOOOOO happy to see the pictures from Brody´s baptism. TOO PRESH. Seriously, I am dying looking at all of the tender pictures! So fun you guys could go to Utah for the weekend. Loved the pictures Dad sent me. 

So yes, a wild week! MY NEW COMPANION IS FROM MEXICO!!!! SHE IS SOOOOO PRESH. Hermana Rivera from el estado de Puebla. She is 19 years old, and soooo amazing. She is very kind and precious. In all of the houses we visited this week the people said stuff like "she’s just a little girl" or "she´’ a little doll" jajajaja. So tender! It was hard saying goodbye to Hermana Gomez, but last night Hermana Rivera and I had a good heart to heart for about an hour and a half. We were both crying, and now we are really united as friends and as a companionship. Looking forward to working with her. Training is hard and overwhelming, but the time keeps going, and so there is no time for fear. ONLY FAITH FIRM IN JESUS CHRIST. 

Hermana Alcantara & Megan

So crazy! The time is flying! But enough of that! I have a year left to consecrate, and I am so excited! The mission is THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE....... THE BEST.... THE BEST. Literally, cannot put more emphasis on that. Hermana Alcantara and I made a banana bread cake.... but then ants got to it, so we couldn’t eat it....ha. Kind of sad jajaja! But yes! Saturday was Valentine’s Day.... What even. Hahaha, we had more important things to think about. I was thinking a lot of Brody (eight year old cousin who was baptized on Valentine’s Day) during the day.... que tierno!!!! Also, Alicia’s baptism interview!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Davis is our new district leader, so we met up with him and his companion on the edge of our sector and led them to the house of Alicia, which wasn’t too far. I was so nervous while he was interviewing her. We had practiced her baptism interview every day, and I was praying so hard. And she passed! 

So....... yesterday, February 15th, 2015, Alicia del Carmen Marin Bahamondes got baptized!!!! 

Alicia del Carmen Marin Bahamondes Baptism 

My favorite 70 year old Chilean. Hermana Rivera and I went to her house in the morning for breakfast. Then a member came and picked us we were driving Hermana Alcantara called me and told us the heater in the baptism font was broken, so we would have to have the baptism in another capilla in our stake. I was like, what. Are you serious. It had already been such a stressful week organizing the baptism and helping Hermana Rivera and I just wanted to cry.... BUT I SAID A PRAYER AND I WAS FINE. So yes, church was great. After the meetings, we drove to the other capilla and everything was ready. A family in our ward had their son come home from Peru this week. Elder Ariel Rojas. We randomly met him on the street on Hermana Rivera’s first day, and we asked him to baptize Alicia. He was an AP (good sign, right?), we felt good about asking him. Even though the baptism was in a different capilla, a lot of members came!!! Our district leader came with his companion and an investigator. So did our zone leaders. The service was great. Alicia was so excited. When it was time, wheeled her to the baptism font, and she was so excited. The water was PERFECTLY warm. And EVERYTHING WENT PERFECT. She was sooo happy coming up. Like literally, I had the best feeling ever. I couldn’t stop smiling all day. Neither could she! Soooo sweet! I will send a million pictures. Basically, to see all of our work pay off was SOOOO FULFILLING. I love Hermana Alicia sooo much. To help one of God’s daughters enter the waters of baptism is an honor. It was so special. We are excited to continue visiting her and helping her prepare for her confirmation! 

I know Heavenly Father lives. I know Jesus Christ lives. They are everything to me. Our covenants are so important! Today I turn 20 years old! My Padre Celestial has blessed me so much...I can’t express my joy to be here. I wish I could hug my Padre Celestial and just thank him.... but I know I can thank Him through my actions. I will be obedient. I will smile. I will serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength. THIS LIFE IS SO PRECIOUS. Do we realize what we have? Do we realize who we are? We are sons and daughters of a King! 

Chile is great. So great. I love my life. I love my Savior. I love my Heavenly Father. I love Alicia! CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES. Love you family! A year left in Chile. I am twenty. Life is soooooo good.

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Mittleman
Hermana's Megan, Clawson (from Laguna Beach)  & Millett.  

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