Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It Was Humbling!!

March 16, 2015
Hey fam! This is the last week of the cambio! WEEK 6. Wow. This change went by SO fast! Livin´ la vida loca here in Santiago! This week was great! Went by fast, but what else is new?? 

We had a lesson with the twins, Katherine and Barbara- AT LAST. We talked about Joseph Smith. We read with them in their Book of Mormon stories book the church has. It was so great! They are now 10, and soo presh. Hahaha, I had my hair down and they both kept me telling me, "Hermana Mittleman, se ve tan linda hoy día" (Mom translation: Hermanan Mittleman you look so cute today)  jajajajaja. SOOO PRESH. 

We had another lesson with two other investigators who are going to get baptized. We went to a ward member’s home, and we talked about the Restoration. It went really well!! Afterwards, we went to the setting apart of a (Mom translation: Young girl) jovencita from the ward who entered the CCM here in Chile on Wednesday. She is going to Concepción. It is cool because she lives like 40 minutes from the MTC jajaja. And her brother works in the MTC, so it’s all fun. 

We had a zone conference this week! It was amaaaaazing. President Wright talked a lot about temples. I felt soooo happy and content. I love the temples, and I know it is important to go often. The conference was like six hours, but it was amazing!!! Hermana Wright talked about faith in Jesus Christ, and how we should take His yolk upon us. He wants to carry our burdens, and He wants to help us. Every day. Because He loves us! I love thinking about the love of Jesus Christ. He is so amazing! I know the Atonement is something I have to study more and more. 

We did divisions with our sister training leader! I went to a sector called Apoquindo with Hermana Lopez. Hermana Paddock, our leader, came to our sector and stayed with Hermana Rivera. Hermana Rivera was nervous, but it worked out great. 

One of our menos activo´s (less active members) dogs peed on my shoe this week.....it was humbling jajajaja. We were talking with her outside of her gate, and her dog was sniffing around outside, and all of a sudden I felt a warm liquid on my foot.... and I looked down AND HE WAS PEEING ON MY FOOT. GOOD TIMES. 

Sunday was great! We had four investigators in la capilla!  (Mom translation: chapel) And all of them are planning to get baptized! 

Not much time left. I love you all!!!

Hermana Mittleman

Megan & Hermana Alcantara- SEVEN MONTHS THIS WEEK!

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