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Feliz Navidad!

December 15, 2015

It´s the most wonderful time of the year!!!! Man, looking at Madison´s pictures makes me feel so out of place here in the BAKING streets of Chile...it´s all good, hahaha. Lots of sunscreen and water makes the perfect Christmas! 

"I´ll go where you want me to go..." rings true as I contemplate the Christmas I will experience this year. This past week we helped Patricia decorate her Christmas tree. She is one of our investigators. Everyone here has a fake Christmas tree, and it made me miss home a little.... a little! Hahaha! We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is so on board with everything, but it is hard for her to come to church! She makes a Chilean food called "Calzones Rotos" (google it, it is so good!). So sometimes she gets a call from her mom Sunday in the morning letting her know she has to make 10 dozen or 5 dozen and drop them off before 11, or what have you. We are going to visit her today and talk about the Sabbath day. Hope all goes well. 

Last Thursday we had a Zone Conference! We went to the church in Lynch Norte (my old church because it is the biggest in our mission). Our stake was there with another stake. In the other stake, Puente Alto, there are only elders because it is a pretty shady area. It was awesome! President and Hermana Morgan are so amazing! President is always so happy! We talked about why we need a Savior! We also learned how to teach the Restoration using only the pictures in the pamphlet. It was legit! We have a new goal as a mission to teach the Restoration using only the pictures in pamphlet one. President wants us to simplify our teaching...it is so great! We had time to practice with our companions. It is so great. As President Uchtorf has said, the gospel is simple! It is not necessary to complicate the gospel. In our district meeting yesterday, we also learned how to teach the Plan of Salvation. Seriously, it is so relieving to be able to teach the gospel in a simplified way. It is so important to teach simple truths so the Holy Ghost can testify of what we are teaching. I love being a missionary! So cool!

Today we went to the Temple!! It was soooo lovely! The Santiago Temple is just amazing!! When we were finishing dressing afterwards, we met a missionary who was finishing her mission. She came from Viña del Mar. She is from Utah. I asked her what she was going to do after the Temple, and she said that her parents were waiting for her outside!! So presh! We left the bathroom with her and as we came to the waiting area, we saw her parents there! It was so swweettt! She went and hugged them. Such a sweet experience. I do not expect you guys to come to Chile...just be there in the airport waiting for me! jajaja.

 I love going to the Temple! When we came out we met a cool old man who has only been baptized for 18 months. He came to the Temple from Rancagua. Then as we were leaving the Temple grounds we saw a senior missionary couple. They live in an apartment building behind the Temple/CCM grounds. I recognized them as Elder and Hermana Goulding. Hermana Delgado, who lives with us right now, used to be in their ward. They lived in the same apartment building and are good friends even though Hermana Delgado does not speak English. I called to them and we stopped to talk with them. At first I could see they were a little confused, but when I told them we knew Hermana Delgado they got excited. They are sooo great. Immediately they invited us to their apartment and were telling us how they had to send cookies. They became friends so fast and they are those people who just open up immediately. Hard to explain hahaha, but we went up to their apartment. We were talking (not Hermana Vega too much because her English is so so lolz), and it was so sweet. They are so sweet. They gave us a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and diez mil pesos to buy lunch!! And diez mil pesos to give to Hermana Delgado and her comp! That is like 20 dollars! We were like uhhh thanks!!!! We took a picture. They arrived a month after me in Chile, and they leave a week after me...so sweet! They are from Salt Lake!

We met an awesome less active this week in the house of a member when we went to eat lunch! Her name is Marcia. She is 22, and she is amazing! Her mom committed suicide, so Marcia is really sad and depressed. But we shared the video A Savior is Born and we bore our testimonies with her. She is going to come to church on Sunday!!! Such a miracle!!! 

I know Christ lives! So great to be a missionary! Chile is great! I feel so blessed to be a missionary. 

Yes, I got the Christmas box a few weeks ago...I thought I had told you guys.... sorry! I have it! Love you guys to pieces!

We will be skyping in the house of the Lopez Family! Love them! Is 7 o clock Chile time ok?

It has been challenging to keep the enthusiasm. I try not to compare myself with other missionaries and other missions. I know my offering can be enough. Thanks mom for sending the quotes form Elder Christofferson. I haven´t read that yet in my Liahona. So inspired!!!

Also last night was the birthday of Hermana Maria Emilia, our Bishop´s wife! Their son is coming home from the Chile Osorno Mission on Thursday! We went last night and gave a card. I love their family!!!

Have a great week. I know Christ lives. The gospel and my family are the two most important things in my life. May Heavenly Father bless you this week that you might have peace and love in your hearts. Let us rejoice as we ponder the many blessings our Savior gives us. 

Feliz Navidad!

Also this Sunday I will play the piano in sacrament meeting. Silent night and Come let us adore him...wish me luck! Or just pray for me jajaja.

LOVE, HERMANA MITTLEMAN soooo happyy!!!!!

Santiago Chile Temple

Temple Nativity

Elder and Hermana Goulding

Hermana's Mittleman, Maria Emilia & Vega

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