Tuesday, January 19, 2016

TODAY I Am Grateful To Be A Disciple Of Christ.

November 3, 2015

Hola, mi querida familia. Espero que estén bien!!! Les extraño mucho y les amo!!!! 

So... I just want to start with talking about something I studied this morning. I love my personal study! It is so great to be have an hour of studying the gospel every day! I need it every day, and it is a wonderful opportunity to receive revelation from the Holy Ghost. I was studying a teaching principle from Preach My Gospel : "Teach People, Not Lessons". I love this principle because it stresses the importance of the individual. When Christ came to the Americas, He invited every individual to come unto Him so they could feel the prints in His hands and feet. Every individual in the 2,500 person crowd had the chance to come unto Christ. This morning I read in 3 Nephi 17:1-9 when Jesus Christ invites all of the people to bring their sick and afflicted unto Him, so he can heal them. And He does! He heals every single one of them! As missionaries, that is what we do! Ok, the missionaries do not heal the people. However, we invited others to come unto Christ so they can receive the blessings of the Atonement. We preach the gospel. We teach the teachings of Christ. Jacob says the word of God heals the wounded soul (Jacob 2:8). The Atonement is at the center of the gospel. It is the surest manifestation of God´s love. I testify the Atonement of Christ heals us.  

TODAY I am grateful to be a disciple of Christ. What a privilege it is to be His missionary. I felt so happy as I was studying this morning!!! There are so many careless things we worry about daily, weekly, monthly. But am I concerned with my personal ministry? How am I doing in my personal discipleship today? Have I shared my love with others? Have I testified of the infinite Atonement today? Do I help others feel loved? Why do we often worry about the small and often meaningless things of the world, when we can become powerful instruments in the hands of the Lord to help heal souls? That is why we are here on the earth. As disciples of Christ, it is our duty to lift others. I treasure my missionary calling. The Lord is so good to me. He is merciful to me, as he is to all who truly believe and follow Him. I hope I can always seek to lift those around me, and the Lord will lift me as I serve him.

Anywayssss!!!!!! Hahaha. Halloween was reall just like any other day jajaja. We did not do anything special, and in the night there was like no time jajaja. Here in Chile, people like to copy what the North Americans do, so some kids went trick or treating jajaja. Not too many, but a small number. 

We had interviews with President Morgan on Friday!!!
Hermana Mittleman & Presidente Morgan

 It was so amazing!!! We got to the stake center at 11:20, and we were ther until 5:00!!!! It was crazy!!! The interviews always run late hahaha. We got hungry, but we studied and talked. About half the missionaries from our zone where there, so it was good. My interview with President Morgan was so great! He is so nice! We did a practice together jajaja. It was a contact, and I taught him for five minutes about keeping the sabbath day holy. He was a golden contact, and it was fun. After we talked about how I can improve. His constructive criticism came with love, so it was really good. He is really encouraging. After we took pictures together in front of the church because he wanted to take pictures with all the missionaries. So great! He is so funny and goofy sometimes...you will see in the pictures. He told me everything I needed to hear. He said he admired my happy and positive attitude. He told me he tries to do the same thing, and sometimes people have thought he is like that because he has never had any trials...but he said he has had some really hard trials, and he just chooses to face the world with a smile. I love that! Love him!!!

Last night we had a family home evening with our bishop, his family, and a kind of less active. It was fun because our bishop taught a lesson about pride using realllyyyy old videos from the church. So great!!!

A great week, all in all. Well, with our investigators it was hard to have lessons....but I am not deterred! I love being a missionary. We keep working. We keep believing. We keep hoping. Working in the vineyard of the Lord is fun. Happy, happy. 

Had some hard times with my comp this week, but I refuse to get myself down about it. We are good now. I have received so much support from my family and friends. Thank you all. I am happy. 

I hope you all have a lovely week!!!!! Praying for you!!!! 

Con todo mi amor,

Hermana Mittleman

Quebrada de Macul!!!

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