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December 1, 2015

Mi querida familia!

I will start off by saying the question mark key on this keyboard does not work...so I will avoid asking questions. If I do, I will just type _. Hope that is ok jajaja. 

Ok, so our Zone Leaders called in the morning...Hermana Vega and I are staying another transfer together here in El Parque! We are so excited because we have a lot of plans for our area. We are so excited to continue working together. Hermana Vega is awesome. Maybe we had a rough start, but through pray, humility, and divine help, we have become great friends. I testify that the Atonement is infinite. Christ can change our hearts...how wonderful! 

Hermana Velazquez is getting transferred! So sad! Hermana Delgado will get another companion tomorrow in the transfer meeting! We are sad because the four of us have become so close! We even drew names to do a “Secret Santa” hahaha! But Hermana Velazquez is great! It was fun being her companion for one transfer and then living with her two more transfers. The four of us went to an Arabic food place for lunch. We bought drunums....it is like a wrap with chicken and vegetables.

Today, we received special permission to go to the local mall so Hermana Vega could buy shoes...it was SO CRAZY!! I felt like I was at home....it was really weird. The mall was already decorated with Christmas stuff...yes we took pictures! Hermana Neville, an hermana from our ward, took us in her car. her daughter, Daniela, came too. We walked around a few stores and Hermana Vega looked and tried some shoes on. Really sad to see how Christmas is centered on consumerism. It was a little overwhelming jajaja! In one department store Hermana Vega saw some shoes she liked. The employee said the pair on display was the last pair they had. So we left with the intent to look around at a few other stores, and later return to buy the shoes if we did not find anything else.... however, right when we came back to that same store we saw a lady with the shoe in her hand!!!! We all just looked at each other, like nooooo!!!!! And Hermana Neville said I told you so in English!! It was so great! Hermana Neville asked the lady if she was going to buy the shoe, and in the end she did not want to buy it because it was not her size. Win! Daniela took some pictures of Hermana Vega and I with the Santa Claus display...I will attach them! 

We had another lesson with Patricia on Wednesday. It went ok. She did not have a lot of time. She is so great and so receptive. It is hard for her to come to church, so we are fasting this Sunday that she will be able to come.

We met a young woman from Bolivia yesterday in the street! She was really nice! She gave us her address and telephone number. We are excited to go on Friday and talk more about the restored gospel.

On Thanksgiving we had lunch with a less active...she gave us three huge emapanadas!!! Each! Then cake and peach halves for dessert....it was sooo much food hahaha! Sooo good! I love las empanadas!! We left her house so full of food and we were sleepy hahaha.

I am so happy it is December! So cool! I love our Savior. I know He is the Savior of the world. He loves all of us. He wants to help all of us. I am in my second to last transfer...a little weird! But I am determined to work hard and do all I can to strengthen this part of the Lord’s vineyard. 

It is amazing that Christ offers all members and missionaries the chance to work with Him in giving the gift of eternal life to others. It is truly not a sacrifice to be a missionary...it is an honor! I feel so humble that I can work with the Savior and invite others to come unto Him.

Serving a mission has been the best decision of my life, thus far. I am so grateful for you guys and for your support. It really means the world to me! We watched the new video from the church about Christmas! I love what Mom said to me about it. The kids are so cute and the words are awesome! I love Christmas! I love Christ! 

Les amo mucho! Que Dios les cuide en esta semana! Feliz Navidad!

Con amor, Hermana Mittleman
Herman's Mittleman & Vega

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