Wednesday, January 20, 2016

We Are Having Success In Bringing Souls To Christ.

January 19, 2016

Hola, familia!

I am so grateful and happy to be a missionary. It is sooo hot here! Hahaha, but it`s all good! Yesterday we had our zone class! Always good times. We talked about how as missionary we often have a particular "culture" in the mission, or in the zone. Like blaming members for not helping us, saying that we don`t have baptisms in this mission, etc. Then we talked what we can do to change these standards that we as missionaries have set. We just have to ACT and try to make a difference. In order to change our results, we have to change our actions.

 I am excited to continue working in el Parque. Hermana Vega and I have been together four and half months. Last night we talked for about an hour about what we have observed in these weeks, and the differences in our personalities. I know it will be hard to finish...I NEVER thought a trial of my mission would be a companion. It has been soooo hard..... but I know we are together for a reason. We are having success in bringing souls to Christ. 

Marianela, our investigator, is going to be baptized the 6th of February. She could not come to church on Sunday because she had gone to bed really late, and she did not feel well enough to come because it was a really hot day (she has a skin sickness). But today we are going to visit her to talk about tithing and fasting! The Bishop`s wife is coming with us, so that will be fun!

I don`t know if you remember Patrica, but we visited her! We talked about the Word of Wisdom, and the law of chastity. It was awesome. We felt the Spirit SO strong! She told us that she has changed ever since we have been visiting her. She feels more peaceful, and she is less concerned with material things...she feels the Spirit! It is so great!! We invited her to be baptized on the 14th of February! She said yes! Her biggest trial is coming to church so we are praying she will be able to come this Sunday!!

Also this last week I was studying hope, an attribute of Jesus Christ. I made a goal to contact every day with a bright hope in Christ that we will find prepared people! It was great! We contacted a young man from Haiti...there are a lot of Haitianos in Chile. He cannot speak Spanish very well. But we went to visit him the next day and he lives in a one room apartment with his sister...they literally have nothing! They do not have sheets, dishes, hardly anything! We had to use the translator on his phone to communicate jaja. But he said we could visit him again because he is interested in learning more about Jesus Christ! So cool!

On Sunday they called our new ward Mission Leader! So great!! Hermano Cesar will be great!! We have our first Mission Corelacion meeting on Friday. Will send a picture next week.

I love being a missionary. Praying for strength every hour. I now God lives. I KNOW He is real. He knows me. He loves me. I love my family, and I know I am here in this mission for a reason. I have faith and trust in my Heavenly Father. I know we all have trials of our faith.... only after our trials may we be strengthened in our faith like it says in Ether 12:6. So true!

I hope you have a great week. Love you all!!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman

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