Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Share The Love!!!

November 24, 2015

Family!! How are you guys? I am so happy! An investigator that Hermana Rivera and I taught in La Reina got baptized one month ago! She sent some pictures...what a miracle!! I am so happy she was able to make this covenant with Heavenly Father. Baptism changes lives! She was so ready to be baptized! She was ready to take that step and follow Jesus Christ. She is soooo great! So happy!!!

Today was amazing because we had a zone activity!!! We went to one of the churches in our stake and played basketball, frisbee, and we ate...and the best part is that an hermano from the stake came and taught us how to dance la cueca!!!!! It was sooooo amazing. Sooo much fun! We received special permission from President Morgan. We had a potluck too! I made cinnamon rolls. People took rice, lomos salados, completos, quesadillas, arepas...it was awesome!  I love our zone! 

Sunday was the primary program in our ward!! It was soooo cute! None of our investigators came..... but we felt the Spirit very strong! The kids were so cute as they sung and gave their talks. That is something I miss from Las Flores jajaja....

Yesterday we had an amazing lesson with our investigator, Patricia. When we entered and sat down she told us she was very sad and discouraged. Her husband had previously left her and her children to live with a colleague from his work. Then, after almost two years he was kicked out and asked Patricia if he could stay with her. She let him, but now after one month he is leaving again to be with the same woman. Patricia does not care, but she is sad because one of her sons is suffering for what his father is doing. Her son is special, and does not understand the situation very well. Patricia started to cry, and it was hard to see her so sad. We shared a scripture with her: Juan 16:33: Jesus Christ tells us not to be afraid because He has already overcome the world. Hermana Vega started to share her testimony, and we felt the Spirit very strong. Hermana Vega has passed through a similar situation in her life. I shared my testimony too, and we felt the Spirit SO strong! It was so crazy! Then out of nowhere, Patricia asks us when her baptism will be. Hermana Vega and I were like..what??!!!!! We were so surprised and excited! It was a miracle. We are going to invite her to be baptized the 20th of December. She told us she wants to be baptized! It was an experience that truly testifies of the power of the Holy Ghost! So amazing!!

It is getting reallllyyy hot here in Chile! The summer is arriving! We put on lots of sunscreen every day jajaja! Good times!

This week was challenging because we did not see a lot of people. Overall, it was hard to find our investigators and less actives. That is challenging. However, we are determined! This is the last week of the transfer, so we are working very hard!!! 

Being a missionary is the best! I would not trade this experience for anything in the world! It is amazing!! Christ lives, and it is up to us, his disciples, to spread the good news to all the world! What a wonderful calling we have. Share the love!!! 

Life is good! I am happy! I have problems and weaknesses, but I have Christ! He is the light of my life. May God bless you all this week! Love you!!!

Love, Hermana Mittleman
Herman's Mittleman, Delgado, Vega & Velazquez

Hermana" Velazquez & Mittleman

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